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Där regnbågen slutar


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Jesse S (us) wrote: Solid movie even if it is fiction.

Chad O (ag) wrote: Ok, this restored some of my faith in straight to DVD horror flicks. Very entertaining, with ample doses of gore and nudity and a good sense of humor about the proceedings. I mean, how can you really bitch about a movie that features a werewolf rape scene and also one where a woman has to get a dna sample from somebody so she gives him a blowjob? That's just pure class right there, folks. Felt like a fun throwback to 80's teen horror of the past without being too obvious about it. Meaning they kept the spirit but left out the references, which is always a good thing. And also, it's not a CGI wolf! MAN IN SUIT! MAN IN SUIT!!! If you've got a few bucks to spare and like low-budget monster features, definitely give this a shot.

Marla R (br) wrote: Pop Star: Lame movie, a bit predictable. Aaron Carter's acting was bad. His music numbers were pretty boring too. Also, they should've gotten a prettier female co-star. It would've made the movie more likeable. I also didn't understand any of the stupid quotes they made Leif Garrett say in the damn movie!

Lesley D (kr) wrote: Stranger Than Fiction ReviewJoin Harold Crick on his journey to discover that he is a part of a much bigger story than he could've ever imagined. Directed by Marc Forster, Will Ferrell stars in the film alongside Emma Thompson and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Ferrell plays Harold, an "ordinary" man who discovers that he is a character in a book and must figure out who he is in this movie. Thompson plays Karen Eiffel, the author of Harold's story, who has been given the task to kill him in her upcoming book. Lastly Gyllenhaal plays Ana Pascal, Harold's love interest whom has bold and passionate views of the world. This 2006 film takes place in an unspecified city and is one that is easily rewatchable, particularly because new details are noticed every time it is watched. This comedy/drama tale takes place during the early 2000's, a time in which t.v.'s and computers weren't flat screens, and hardly anyone can bee seen with a cell phone. This film will make you feel all emotions, an absolute must see.Harold starts the film living life as he always has; waking up, brushing his teeth 76 strokes, riding the bus, working, and returning back to his lonely home. However, things begin to change when he hears a british voice in his head who is narrating his life. Everyone thinks he is crazy, except for Professor Jules Hilbert. They work together to find out which type of story Harold is living in. I found myself loving the role of professor since he is such an archetype, especially with his love of books and coffee. Meanwhile, Harold is sent to audit Ana, since she has only paid, "the percentage of her taxes she agrees with." Harold finds his regular life changing after Ana is introduced into his life and begins to start focusing on her, rather than his daily patterns. Which I predictably fell for, hard. As Harold's life begins to get better he hears the narrator say, "little did he know", and refers to his "imminent death." This creates a hectic search for Harold's author so that he can change his story. Simultaneously, Harold's author is looking for a way to kill him, with the aid of Penny Eschler, an assistant sent by her publisher, and thinks of numerous ways for his death such as, falling off a bridge. When Karen is finally content with her ending for Harold she begins to type it on a typewriter (because all the best writers obviously use typewriters), the phone rings with Harold waiting on the other end of the line.The use of irony in the movie added humour in between the dramatic points of the movie. Irony was used, not only in the characters dialogue, but in the use of background music and setting as well. For example the song "Stick it to the Man" plays overhead in Ana's bakery when Harold comes to audit her.This scene made me laugh particularly hard, maybe because I could relate from personal experience. Harold simply looks awkward and he attempts to be firm, but we all already know that he has lost the battle, although I doubt he's been notified. Irony is also displayed well in the use of crazy words to stress points, such as "fastidious", "zesty" and "swagger". I loved this because it added a bit of informality to the story and made me stop stressing so much about Harold's future. Lastly the use of swear words, such as "prick" and "fuck" were used ironically to display informality in tense situations. Irony is used to stress the theme that anyone can be used for bigger things.The use of colour in the film brings it truly to life. Which I was extremely happy about because, colour overall makes the world a happier place, there's a reason why people are happier on a sunny day, as opposed to a rainy one. Harold's apartment is simply "blah", it is tanned, brown, and plain. His office is gray, and it's filled with people in dark clothes and no smiles. It is obvious that when he is in these places, he isn't happy. Karen also lives in a dreary world that lacks colour, this is especially evident when she is sitting by the river, wondering if she should kill Harold by him falling off a bridge (personally not the way I'd wish to go). However, as the story continues colour begins to enter the world, Ana's bakery is warm, with a variety of colours, I especially liked the greens on the pastry trays. Ana's house is perhaps even warmer, it's just a house that you want to enter, filled with reds and oranges. The guitar shop is a bright red, which signifies that he's making a true change in his life. Karen's white office represents a blank page where new ideas can be formed. Penny's yellow umbrella symbolizes how she brings light into the world. I love that colour is used strategically in this film, it's not just another aspect, it truly shows a representation of who each character is, what they are feeling and how they evolve. Overall, I loved the film so much that I didn't even want to pause it to go fill my popcorn bowl backup (which is a heavy challenge). This movie makes you really fall in love with the characters and their stories, and you find yourself hoping with all of your heart that Harold's story isn't a tragedy. I loved that it was unpredictable, yet it used common archetypes that every story needs. It proved to me that Will Ferrell can take on a dramatic role and that I can accept that he isn't always going to be an elf. I recommend to new watchers to be open minded, and to listen hard. There are so many little remarks that makes the movie so much sweeter. I also recommend to look around further than the central point, there are so many details hidden in the corner of that screen, so look and try not to blink. This movie is given a big check mark in my book, and one I would keep in my personal dvd library and not let anyone else borrow.

MEC r (mx) wrote: An ok movie at the time...

ld p (jp) wrote: I enjoyed this movie. I spent 8 months in Brazil in 1975 and have a love of Brazilian films and music. This move is a romantic tragedy based on the Orfeus Myth and possible even the older Orpheus Brazilian movie. The movie has some failings and I did not particularly care for the slum/ drug war setting. The Plot is kind of weak and timid and is over dramatized. However Great Music Great scenes of Rio (and the slums) and all in all not a bad story. I enjoyed seeing the streets of Rio from the richness of Carnival to the life in the slums. All told I rate this a great remake of the original Brazilian film, and even with all its faults I highly recommended it!! Four Stars!! The film is worth seeing just for the fantastic music of Cateano Veloso and the Carnival Parade Scenes!! Lago

Alexandre A (ag) wrote: unusual premise and even being a bit boring and a good thriller

Richard M (gb) wrote: Have watched all Highlander movies.

Kyle G (fr) wrote: Loved the "Sodomy" number, and the extremely pessimistic and darkly humorous attitude of the picture. Yet still, this film would've been better, I think, if it toned down the adult content a little. This film is a lot about attaining shock value.

Michael W (es) wrote: Teens shipwrecked on an island inhabited only by a mutant. All scenes with the mutant are in total darkness, leaving the viewer to listen only to grunting and heavy breathing during the supposed action. Thankfully did not produce a sequel.

Todd L (kr) wrote: Though it features some incredible makeup effects and one of the most unique scores John Williams ever produced, this is still a strong candidate for the worst movie I've ever seen. It's a snorefest, the longest hour and seventeen minutes I've ever spent.

Mark M (fr) wrote: Insane cast. All sadly miscast - but one of my favourite movies ...don't even know why

Nicolas M (kr) wrote: Encore un Poe-Corman-Price. Celui-ci se demarque des autres par ses nombreux et fort jolis exterieurs. Elizabeth Shepherd se depatouille vraiment bien de ses deux roles (la gentille et la mechante - est-ce elle qui joue le chat, aussi ?) et Vincent Price est inquietant, comme d'habitude. Petite remarque : pour la scene de l'incendie, Corman a astucieusement repique des images de "House of Usher". Et bien ca se voit !

Adam R (us) wrote: (First and only viewing - 8/6/2011)

Glen O (ru) wrote: This above average war film is one of the most influential films about the War in the Pacific establishing many of the themes that will reoccur in later films on the same subject. The intercutting of real footage adds to the realism though the obvious change in film stock is jarring. The first part of the film is fairly run of the mill but the two beach landings, the second culminating in the famous flag raising, are very well constructed. Ethnic minorities among the American troops are treated with respect and there are positive portrayals of Catholic, Protestant and Jewish faith. John Wayne was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of hard bitten Sgt Stryker both loved and hated by his men. While there are some layers to the character it's no surprise that he lost to his co-star as it's Wayne's usual workmanlike performance without being particularly brilliant. Ultimately this is a propaganda film but one of a fairly high order.