Dard Divorce

Dard Divorce

What started with a routine divorce between Natalie Stein and her husband Tim, will soon take a turn into the unexpected and evolve into scenes of torture, bloodshed and slaughter.

What started with a routine divorce between Natalie Stein and her husband Tim, will soon take a turn into the unexpected and evolve into scenes of torture, bloodshed and slaughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Svarte U (fr) wrote: good flick starting out then it drags,then it's up again,like a roller coaster,then is drags again,expendables 1 was the best so far and 2 the worst so far,3 second best if not consistently so,it reminded me of 2 different director's on the same film,when it dragged it wasn't horrible and when it was running fast it wasn't great,but it was good

Ben V (mx) wrote: For the acting 3 stars, story Ok. But the script truly let it down, lacked direction, which could of definitely should have avoided greatness badly.

E A (es) wrote: Going to be honest here, the only reason I watched this movie was because it was on Netflix and I was bored. Someone had told me it was a great movie so I had high hopes. The movie wasn't terrible, it is in the genre of film that I liked so it did appeal. It tells the story from two different time periods which is interesting. The end of the movie felt rushed , but it did leave us with an ending that was sad but very realistic.

Barry T (jp) wrote: well acted by patterson proving he is better than twilight

Aspeia A (jp) wrote: wow, now that was one unexpected surprise. A bit too much predictable, not that scary at all. And of course, I couldn't get rid of the catchy "cryptozoologist" line for awhile. But I really enjoyed Niall Matter's performance. He has a bright future ahead of him.

christopher d (us) wrote: Amazing film, absolutely amazing.

Julie S (it) wrote: 90 minutes of my life I will never get back.

Randy T (ru) wrote: A trip through the mysterious dynamic of mothers, sisters and complicated families. Layered and darkly optimistic.

Jose M (it) wrote: There was once a man named Alan SmitheeHe go to direct a huge movie300 Million Dollar film called TrioIt had Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone, and Whoopie GoldbergThe movie turned out to be badWorst than ShowgirlsHe wanted his name taken outSo they credited Alan SmitheeBut what can he do?His name is Alan Smithee (ho, ho)

Dorianator F (gb) wrote: The movie wasn't as good as I thought it would be. It wasn't very emotional, it didn't have too much substance to it, it didn't pull me in. But, the performances from Reeves and Phoenix were top notch

Allan C (br) wrote: Fun comic heist film from a Donald E. Westlake novel (the sequel to "The Hot Rock") involving George C. Scott (with very silly eyebrows and playing the same character Robert Redford played in "The Hot Rock") breaking out of prison and hatching a scheme to steal an entire bank building. It's a comedy that won't blow you away, but it's entertaining enough if you're in the moody for a caper comedy. Joanna Cassidy, Sorrell Booke, Bob Balaban and Frank McRae also appear in the film.

Gary S (ag) wrote: Giant, human eating rabbits go on the rampage in the American south west. Bearing in mind rabbits are not the most terrifying of animals (unless you are a blade of grass) I suppose the film maker was onto a loser from the first. Truly a very bad film.

Raji K (ag) wrote: Jane Fonda stars as Barbarella who is sent on a mission to find Durand Durand, a human scientist. For a 1968 film, this movie sure takes its chances, and is imaginative and erotic. Unfortunately it eventually fizzles and I was ready for this film to be over, but I still respect that this film tried to be and accomplish.

luis o (it) wrote: Further proof that Fritz Lang kicks ass. Henry Fonda and Sylvia Sidney play lovers on the run and you know how that always end up. Gorgeous photography and one of the most kick ass bank robbery scenes ever, it doesn't quite measure up to M, but still a strong film.

Luciano S (kr) wrote: One of the earliest examples of a nightmare sequel

Steven G (us) wrote: It might be the most unpleasant John Hughes movie I've ever had to sit through. The uncle is creepy, the kids are assholes, the humor is awkward and unfunny . . . and the overarching tone of the movie is anger and hatred. That's not exactly something you want in a John Hughes family movie.

Andrew H (au) wrote: Interesting horror movie, but nothing special. Worth a watch, maybe not a purchase.

Katie G (ag) wrote: Unlikeable characters, icky romance, totally unbelievable events, cliches abound... ugh.