Dard Ka Rishta

Dard Ka Rishta

Time is running out for Khushbu, Ravi Sharma(Sunil Dutt)'s daughter. Her leukemia can be cured only if someone's bone marrow matches her daughter .So, he goes abroad and gets in touch with her former wife (Smita Patil).

The Sharmas are both surgeons in New York. Ravi wants to go back to India. His wife wants to remain in New York to do research towards a cure for leukemia, the cancer that killed her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (gb) wrote: It's low budget, but it entertained me. As far as movies about Bigfoot go, there are worse (and better) out there. Even a cheap production can be scary, and this hits that mark occasionally.

Greg J (ca) wrote: Not as great as the critics rating, but not bad either. Very hard to get in to and follow for the hypothetically challenged thinkers.

Sammy A (de) wrote: Do yourself a favour and DON'T watch this movie. Horrible to the core. Imran Khan, Lillette Dubey, Sharmila Tagore and Yudi at least got me to sit through it. Deepika Padukone COMPLETELY killed it. And I don't mean that in the good way.

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MF J (kr) wrote: A total chick flick that works much better for the sexy ladies than the actual story. Forgettable once again....

Nilufer R (fr) wrote: It's hard not to admire this flick even though there are probably things that I don't fully understand, It was a well-made stop-motion. Oh and the nudity part was so real I almost felt weird. Pretty good.