Dark Angel: The Ascent

Dark Angel: The Ascent

Chaesed away by her father , an idealistic she-devil heads for the world above to begin serving her own brand of justice.

A woman destined for freedom manages to escape Hell. When she arrives from the sewers of Earth, she is used to punish Sinners. But the last thing she expected to find was love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt F (es) wrote: I didn't need to look for reasons to hate Suicide Girls Must Die. I knew what they'd be before I started watching it. Let's totally forget the performances. No sense kicking a dead horse. This "film" as it's erroneously referred to isn't that at all. It's a calendar shoot that the site in question dressed up as a horror film as a way of repackaging and reselling the same old crap that they were certain their members wouldn't buy. It's not a movie at all but a shameless promotional video and it reminds you every step of the way after you commit to watching it. I was tempted to compare it to My Little Eye or The Horrors of Spider Island as those are the films with which it shares probably the most similarities. Only those are actual MOVIES and regardless of quality or lack thereof, deserve to be distinguished as such. And Jeremy Kasten, who may have started off his career as a legitimate filmmaker, shows here that he's decided what his priorities are and has chosen to be a shameless hack who shills for Suicide Girls.

David J (gb) wrote: It was sappily touching in that teenage-appeal kind of way, but the acting was admittedly wooden, and the bad script doesn't give the attractive leads anything to work with. Alternately sappy and stupid.

Andruw F (us) wrote: So unfunny, it makes you angry considering the talent on screen. And so boring, you want it to end as soon as possible!

Private U (it) wrote: While many people turn to romance novels or romantic comedies for the love stories that make them swoon, this film contains the screen romance that has yanked at my heartstrings mroe than any other. True love endures murder and cannibalism indeed.

Kevin S (ca) wrote: Karl Hochman is a technician at a computer store and is also the Adress book killer. He steals adress books from people and kills the people in the book. Terry Munroe and her son visit the store and her adress book is used as a demonstration for a hand held scanner. Karl gets ahold of it and while coming after Terry he gets in a car accident and his vehicle turns upside down and into a cemetery. While getting a Cat scan at the hospital a huge lightning storm hits the hospital and now Karls mind transforms into electrical energy and he uses computers and electrical equipment to continue his mission of killing Terry and her friends. I thought this was a terrific sci-fi/horror movie. Definitely gives you the creeps. The computer animation of the killer was pretty neat and there was some interesting ways they killed people. The acting was also well done. Karen Allen and Rick Duccomen was the only ones a recognized. It's kind of nonsensical but still pretty fun movie to watch.

Kelly M (mx) wrote: This old movie is quite charming. It has aged very well and is wonderfully quirky. There are some clunky parts, but overall, a fun movie.

Christopher H (gb) wrote: Producing two of the best comedic performances in both Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy's careers, "Just Married" proves very early on in Shawn Levy's career that he had a masterful hand in comedy. With adorable Murphy and bumbling Kutcher getting married, the supporting characters around them as they try to enjoy their honeymoon highlights most of the laughs. The film loses a little steam in piling on the characters every bad thing that could possibly happen, as well as the constant bickering between them towards the end of the film, but with expert timing and a well-paced script, the film comes into its own. Entirely underrated, "Just Married" is through and through a love story with a great score (Christophe Beck) matched with equally endearing comedic elements placed throughout, making it one of the most well-balanced comedies I've ever seen.

Christian H (nl) wrote: As far as biopics go this was a really well-made film and Ethan Hawke spares no punch as he delivers one of his finest and most vulnerable performances since "Dead poets society" as the legendary Chet Baker with a great supporting cast in the form of Carmen Ejogo