Dark Blue

Dark Blue

Set during the Rodney King riots, a robbery homicide investigation triggers a series of events that will cause a corrupt LAPD officer to question his tactics.

A robbery homicide investigation triggers a series of events that will cause a corrupt LAPD officer to question his tactics. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anuj S (br) wrote: A brilliant idea that works as a great story unfolds Itself. Great cinematography and outstanding music work wonders for this action packed spy espionage thriller

Merlin R (de) wrote: If you're into music documentaries, this is a pretty solid one. But it's also bittersweet because the studio that recorded some of the best albums ever made, is now closed due to modern and unaffordable times. It is a reminder that great things don't need to come from great packages. If you go in with an open mind beautiful things can come from run down, old, crappy, dingy looking places. Always a shame when great businesses that produced the best things shut down for business. Loved this.

Grant S (ru) wrote: Great documentary on a tortured genius.The story of Bobby Fischer, arguably the greatest chess player who everlived. Examines his growing up, his emergence as chess genius at a veryyoung age, his ascendancy to being World Chess Champion (at the age of29), he's decline, disappearance, re-emergence, becoming a fugitivefrom US justice and his later years. The highlight is the famous showdown against Boris Spassky for theWorld Championship, in Reykjavik in 1972. Demonstrates well his genius,neuroses and general personality.Also particularly interesting is that there are very good attempts toexplain his personality problems and mental issues. Sadly, genius andinsanity often go hand in hand...

Frdric H (mx) wrote: Description :Emile, septuag (C)naire et veuf, conna (R)t une retraite sans heurts, faite de rituels et de loisirs paisibles. L'instant n'existe pas vraiment, la vie coule comme la Loire o il pche r (C)gulirement avec un autre retrait (C), Edmond.the movie itself is an ok romantic comedy

Jesse K (br) wrote: 5/5 One of the most disturbing and realistic films I've ever seen, Zero Day is a horror movie recreating one of America's most notorious tragedies in recent years. It's one of the earlier examples of the found footage style emerging, but it cannot be called entirely original due to the material it mirrors (although this certainly isn't a problem). You know what happened, you know what's coming, yet Zero Day is like venturing into an unfamiliar world where everything feels slightly off. It shocks without pretension and it tells a story without needless fluff. The performances, especially the two leads, are so natural that it was hard to comprehend this film had a written script. They are scarily well done. Zero Day really shook me, in fact I think it's the first film to actually make me cry from fear. There are other films out there that tackle similar stories and concepts, but I believe Zero Day might reign supreme due to its absolutely unnerving realism.

Thomas W (it) wrote: An obscure masterpiece. I loved just about everything about this strange little movie. It is the story of the denizens of a small town that is being moved to higher ground so a corporation (with black-suit clad men asking the townfolk to move) can make a large lake. Intercut with this story is that of a sick and dying child looked over by a group of angels (you don't see many wings ... but there are some feathers). There is also reference to Biblical flooding, baptism and salvation. I thought the film was beautiful to look at and it was very moving. This is not a film for everyone -- I honestly haven't ever spoken to someone else who saw or liked it -- but I think it is sublime. The Polish brothers are true talents (they also did the oddity Twin Falls, Idaho) and I enjoy their work(s) because of their depth. What you see is not just what you get with them ... dig deeper and you may see something wonderful.

Steve D (mx) wrote: Good cast severely under deliver

greg q (es) wrote: 3 Fist pumps - we saw this movie many years ago and picked it up in a used DVD sale. 17 years later it is still a very inspirational movie and so touching (still can't watch the circus part).

Brian B (ca) wrote: At first while I was watching This Property Is Condemned I kept thinking, "wow, this is a really underrated film", but once I saw the ending I understood why it isn't talked about anymore. Natalie Wood is at her best, both aesthetically and with her performance, portraying Alva Starr a young woman in a small Southern town during the depression. Alva lives with her mother and sister in a boarding house they run for all the railroad people that come and go. As Willy, Alva's sister portrayed by Mary Badham would put it "Alva is the main attraction". Because of her beauty, and seeming overall love of life, Alva is lusted after by each and every one of the railroad workers including her mother??s beau. Alva's mother also notices how then men lust after her and is constantly whoring her out to a rich man from Chicago so that she can further herself in life. Alva seems both aware of this and in denial at the same time. One day a man named Owen Legate (Robert Redford) comes to town. Owen is a man who works for the railroad and his job is to figure out who is to be laid off. Alva is immediately attracted to Owen, but he doesn't seem interested in her at all and his "smart alec" attitude seems to enrage her and at the same time multiply her attraction. Eventually, after a big argument about what it is he is doing in town with the layoffs, they end up sleeping with each other and falling in love. The characters are fantastic, and Natalie Wood and Robert Redford put in incredible performances. As I mentioned earlier, this film is great up until the end. They seem to just cut off the main story, and go back to the narrative taking place a few years in the future to tell you what happened. If they had taken the time to go a little further and actually show you, it would have been much more powerful and possibly even become a tear-jerker. If the ending had been done correctly this would have been a four star film. Overall 3.0/4 Stars Grade = B+

Orlok W (gb) wrote: A small group of adventurers facing Indians during Seminola war in the Florida Everglades... Mighty adventure booms--This interesting Western and action film makes it of the finest of Raoul Walsh genre entries... Not your usual oater!!

darth v (ru) wrote: It was only worth watching, because of Karl Urban. Otherwise, it's pretty much of a disappointment.

Darian D (au) wrote: I've thought it was a really good movie up until the convention scene, afterwards the laughs and the humor were a few and far between, the pre-convention scenes were IMO nearly on par with the 1994 classic original, especially the middle portion when they were on a road trip.

Lance M (it) wrote: This movie is almost worth the watch as a "so bad it's good" movie, but it's mostly just bad.

Paul D (mx) wrote: Much of the same as before, but it does just about manage to maintain an interest in what is merely a continuation of Alice's post-apocalyptic story.

Cole R (gb) wrote: A really creative and entertaining movie with amazing detail and visual effects.