Dark Heritage

Dark Heritage

An uncredited adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's "The Lurking Fear." After a violent thunderstorm, mutilated bodies are found at a Louisiana campground. Investigative reporter Clint Harrison uncovers a dark local legend about the reclusive Dansen clan, who may be connected with the murders. Determined to dig up the truth, Clint and his buddies decide to spend a stormy night at the seemingly abandoned Dansen mansion..

A group of campers in the woods come upon a gang of satanic serial killers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dark Heritage torrent reviews

Chris D (au) wrote: A strong candidate for Filmhipster's Duffus Film of the Year Award...its idiocy is off the charts.

Aman A (au) wrote: Oh what a fun movie. This is good indie comedy. It is dark and not meant for real laugh out louds, but it has those too mind you. Good dialogue writing, decent acting, fun direction makes this a great watch. It does not raise so many questions as you would assume, but hey, it is not supposed to. Watch it while you remember the name, because very soon, this movie will slip under the carpet never to resurface (it is one of those).

Rodney D (au) wrote: I loved this movie. Norbit himself made the movie

Robbie N (us) wrote: An absolutely perfect film! The stunning visuals make this movie work. Who knew such a simple animal such as the penguin could be transformed into a stunning movie.

bill s (au) wrote: One of Prince's better movies and he has Baldwin to thank for it.

IJ T (es) wrote: With a great cast, a great retro look and potentially fun plot, this film turned out to be just a joyless and excruciating watch with bad acting and a dreadful script.

Matthew L (gb) wrote: What about that tattoo on your chest? Doesn't it say Die Darkman Die?No, that's German...for The Darkman, The.

Pavandeep S (br) wrote: I have to say, this was a real convoluted and meandering film. It had some interesting set design, the last climbing scene in particular, and had a twist like no other. I love the old-fashioned, almost campy, Italian-exploitation style of this film. It worked well and I am glad I saw it.

Gena D (kr) wrote: Why such low reviews? This movie was charming! Maybe people went in expecting something different. I went in expecting nothing and got something. either way sweet and fun with unexpected moments but I won't go into detail as I don't want to ruin the surprises. :)

Paul J (es) wrote: A beautiful tale of a father and son. Danish filmmaker, Bille August, creates both an intimate and emotionally epic film with heartfelt and profound wisdom. The depth of emotion puts Hollywood melodramas to shame. Max Von Sydow continues to astonish late into his life. It's a coming-of-age story that is told through episodic vignettes, some of which are tragic, others touching. All of them are truly meaningful. (On a sidenote, it was filmed on the little Danish island of Bornholm, where my Mother was born).

Steven L (ca) wrote: Silence of the Lamb's Jonathan Demme debut movie and what a kicker. It has everyting a Roger Corman has (babes, prison, boobs, guns, and girls kicking ass) and then some. What it lacks is blood. Grindhouse films need blood.

Dewangga D (kr) wrote: Menarik ketika melihat film yang hampir semua pemerannya sudah meninggal

Chris V (gb) wrote: This was the last good film of Joan Crawford's Warner Brothers period, her 1950s films with the company being retreads of past glories.In FLAMINGO ROAD she is teamed again with her MILDRED PIERCE director Michael Curtiz and although not in the same league, it holds up pretty well as a steamy melodrama.Lane Bellamy (Crawford) is a worldly wise dancer in a travelling carnival who rather than move on decides to hang around the small town of Bolden after she meets the deputy sheriff (MILDRED costar Zachary Scott). Despite a growing relationship he marries another to further his political career. Lane's nemesis is the town's corrupt leader (Sydney Greenstreet) who will do anything to drive her out of town.The battle between these two strong characters escalates when Lane marries a political mover and moves to Flamingo Road, the street where the 'proper' people live.Crawford is as committed as ever to her role and she has a good supporting cast with Greenstreet outstanding as the personification of corrupt law.There are also nice performances from two veterans of 1930s Hollywood, Gladys George and Gertrude Michael.

Robert D (ca) wrote: Meryl Streep and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman are an excellent combination in this period piece from somewhere in the outer boroughs of NYC. Hoffman is the parish priest who takes a special interest in a Negro altar boy; Streep suspects something. But she is not sure. Hence, the title. Good films do not leave you with a conclusion, but with a question mark hanging in the air.

Marischa B (au) wrote: I guess I was expecting some really lame b-action movie and I got a pretty exciting one instead. Not complaining mind you. Quite the opposite, the main actor here does fulfill everything a main character of such a movie has to do and/or be. It's not only his physique that is right, but also his presence. His relationship with another character tries to do something and might fail here and there, but it's still accomplishes a lot of things, story-wise.Of course it is not so much the story (or any message, if you want to read one into it), that will make or break the movie, but the action. While I like Rourke, he does seem a bit stale playing this role. It's a shame, a better villain, would have also been a better movie. As it is, it is decent and worth a watch

Daniele C (nl) wrote: Brillant comedy whith the great Oscar's winner Alan Arkin. This movie is revolutionary for his genre because drama is perfectly combined with the "no sence". Amazing cast!8/10Review from Italy.

Adam T (au) wrote: A nostalgic look at one of America's leading music retailers and the visionaries behind its success. From its humble beginnings as a small business in San Francisco to its dominance all over the US and also Japan. Featuring interviews about its rise and eventual decline, and some rare footage (including Elton John in a vinyl purchasing blitz in the 70s), All Things Must Pass is a very poignant document about the digital age and the how it has changed not only the way we shop but the entire marketplace in which the music is produced.