Dark Island

Dark Island

After losing contact with its researchers on a remote island, a military corporation hires a group of scientists and soldiers to find out what went wrong. But when they arrive, the team quickly discovers that the weapons testing performed on the island has unleashed and powerful and deadly entity that will stop at nothing to destroy them all.

Soldiers and scientists visit a remote island, the site of bio-weapons research, after losing contact with the staff there. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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India C (de) wrote: Were is the play botten

Cameron R (jp) wrote: This was a really great movie and super intense too, I mean wow, I said oh shit out loud quite a lot during it too, I highly recommend this to anyone who likes bloody gangster films, it has great performances from everyone, several intense moments along with funny moments that lightened the tension from time to time, and even a bit of action too. One of my co workers recommended this to me and I'm awful glad he did, and I found out a while ago that this and boyz n the hood are what GTA: San Andreas is based off of with a bit of 1995's casino mixed in, and that's a win win if you ask me

Harpreet S (gb) wrote: Tatsuo Matsumura's work in "Madadayo" is one of the greatest performances of any Akira Kurosawa actor; he plays the real life professor Hyakken Uchida before, during and after World War II. The story doesn't concern war, but the love and relation former students have with their professor. This is one of Kurosawa's most tender pictures, it shows us how and why former students are so keen on helping the professor in old age; Uchida is an instructor of German, but rarely is the subject referred to, the film rather showcases what kind of man he is which includes his love for a cat, how he and his wife have to move to a different home, how everyone respects him so much and his modest nature which incorporates tremendous wit and self-deprecating humor. I have seen "Kagemusha" and "Dreams," but this film in particular made me realize he has one of the most memorable dream sequences (there is only one in "Madadayo") in cinema, still we don't really find him synonymous with dreams. Also, there are striking resemblances to the works of Ozu; this might be the most "Japanese" film Kurosawa has made and it was his last, including a ray of patriotism in some scenes which I found surprising. I wouldn't place it among his four or five great films but it's definitely a must watch!

jay n (br) wrote: Sweet, good natured comedy. Wonderful supporting cast but the shining light of the whole thing is Judy Holliday a truly unique talent. She glows when ever she's on screen. Sadly this was her last film. A real loss.

W R (it) wrote: Lovely movie, all characters nicely acted. LOVE IT!! MUA!!!

Spencer H (ru) wrote: A super fun action movies with fun characters and a great director.