Dark Journey

Dark Journey

Madeline Goddard (Leigh), is a British double agent who meets and falls in love with a German spy Baron Karl Von Marwitz (Veidt) during World War I. This tale of espionage blends high adventure and romance making perfect order from wartime chaos and growing in faith from despair.

During World War I, a German spy and a British spy meet and fall in love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monir Khan S (ag) wrote: the worst randian movie

Joe A (ca) wrote: I was really confused after watching this, but honestly was still happy to watch this. It's hilarious and has great action sequence. The quick witted comedy in subtitle is hard to follow.

Matt W (es) wrote: This movie was really bad. There was nothing believable about the whole thing. One guy stays alive for three days after being impaled. Another gets pinned down by a rock that another guy moves off his leg with zero effort. I couldn't finish it.

Filippo V (jp) wrote: Una commedia piuttosto prevedibile che porta sicuramente qualche risata. Il messaggio alla base del film molto bello e moderno, anche se poteva essere sfruttato meglio. Comunque senza troppe pretese resta un film apprezzabile.

Steven M (fr) wrote: Far more disturbing than the original. However, that's what makes this such an enjoyable film for me.

Fong K (mx) wrote: viewed on 14/8/04 (Sat)The storyline sounds boring. A one-night road trip of two guys? How much drama can you pack in? I was rather doubtful. But I go ahead since it is made by Michael Mann and stars Tom Cruise. I always find Mr Cruise is a very hardworking actor. His commitment to his profession is evident. He is really good in the show. Not that he plays a bad guy but he comes across convincingly as a seeming cold-blooded killer with some humanity. Jamie Foxx is surprisingly very good, almost stealing the show just by playing a good guy. I can imagine Denzel Washington playing his role but Jamie is just as fine.What I like most about the movie is that I believe it is shot using a handycam. But the film is processed so professionally that it ends up looking neither like a home video nor what we usually see in a movie. It gives a rather refreshing visual experience. The script is cleverly written, posing many thought-provoking questions. Is it pathetic if we hold to a dream that takes years and years to fulfill? Is it worth going against your conscience to earn some big bucks? How much courage a cab driver needs to like a lawyer and go all out for her? Is there a difference between a killer and a war or a massacre? And what really a man's death amount to in a city void of feelings? Expected Rating: B+Rating: B+

Loreno R (de) wrote: Mystic River manages to be engaging, thoughtful, and guided by the sure hand of Eastwood. A suspenseful masterpiece, that usually forgoes the usual mystery and gum-shoe examination, in favor of character interaction and chemistry. While the ending may at first seem out of place, upon further inspection, is intelligent and thought-provoking

Thomas L (de) wrote: love this film. defently one of Anne Hathaway's best performance, as well as Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon Levitt & Bjiou Phillips.

Colin G (gb) wrote: Rubbish movie abysmal acting, total waste.

Princess S (nl) wrote: OMFG! BUTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon W (ru) wrote: Anytime one of my friends ask for a movie recommendation, I will always say Training Day. This has become one of my favourite movies. Everything about it is fantastic from both a film viewing perspective and a film making perspective. First off, I have to praise the absolutely wonderful acting from both Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. Their chemistry, dialogue, and screen presence are legendary. The story does an excellent job of keeping you on your toes. I've seen this film so many times now and I get tensed up in so many scenes. You get so invested in the characters and story that you can't help but be tense. No spoilers, but this has one of the most intense climaxes of any film I've ever seen. The stakes, the emotion behind the characters, the acting, the screen direction, I'm surprised that this climax isn't studied in film schools. Although I recommend this film to everyone, It shouldn't be watched for the faint of heart. If you can't stand any violence or dark subject matter in your films, then this film can be a lot to handle. On the other hand, if you are interested in seeing good movies... YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE! In my Top 5 for sure!

Eliabeth W (ru) wrote: This is great! I think that everyone should have to watch it. It's an interesting commentary on discrimination during the 40s. This particular incident gets looked over too much in history classes.

Felipe F (de) wrote: Writer-director Tamara Jenkins delivers her best work to date with a heartfelt and mature script - brought to life by fine-tuned performances from veterans Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman that manages to balance the dramatic and the comical sides of the movie.

David S (fr) wrote: Even the great Vincent Price was stale in Tomb of Ligeia. This was one boring movie. The filmmakers definitely did NO justice to Edgar Allen Poe. Skip this one.

Matt M (it) wrote: Creepy aliens resurrect a scientist so he can spy for them. One of those dull sci-fi movies that are a times ridiculous; the aliens in this film have ping pong balls for eyes.

Linda D (au) wrote: An absolute classic.

Leon B (ag) wrote: Review: For a cartoon, which first came to light in 1950, it's amazing that it is still pulling in audiences around the world. I watched the specials that came on TV and I liked the toys and the comic strips but I wasn't a die hard fan like a lot of people around the globe. Personally, I liked Snoopy more than the various characters, because of his wild behaviour and the mischief that he got up with his little yellow friend Woodstock. With the technology that is available now, I was expecting something amazing from this film but the director decided to stay true to the original concept and the style of animation. From an adults point of view, I didn't find the movie that funny or entertaining, mainly because the storyline wasn't that great but I can see kids loving it and it's a great day out for the whole family. Charlie Brown's insecurities, at such a young age, became a bit tedious after a while, which is why Snoopy is so great. The fact that he doesn't speak, makes his face expressions and mannerisms even more amusing, and his loyalty to Charlie Brown is quite sweet. This movie is based on Charlie Brown falling in love with the new school girl, and next door neighbour, the Little Red Hair Girl but he can't pluck up the courage to speak to her. All through the movie, he tries different methods to get close to her but all of his plans lead to a dead end. It's quite a basic plot which lacked adult wit! I have to commend the animators for staying true to the original look and feel of the classic but for this day and age, I was expecting more. I know that Charles M. Schulz never wanted to make a full blown animation movie so it had to be close to the original for the owners to agree to the release, which is why they never changed any aspects of the characters. With that in mind, I can totally understand why the film was made this way, and I appreciate the efforts that were made to keep it as close as possible to the original but I still would have liked something fresh and different from these iconic characters. Watchable! Round-Up: This movie was directed by Steve Martino, who also brought you Horton Hears a Who!, and Ice Age: Continental Drift. He also made 4 shorts for the Ice Age franchise but apart from that, he hasn't had that much experience in the animation world, which is why it was a big surprise that he was trusted with such a large project. He done well in terms of keeping the die hard fans happy and keeping the animation close to Charles M. Schulz original work, which must have been hard because the characters are known around the world. Its good to see that this movie made such a big profit because the franchise was definitely unique and it's nice to see them brought back to life after such a long time. Budget: $99million Worldwide Gross: $246million I recommend this movie to people who are into their animation/adventure/comedies, voiced by Noah Schnapp, Trombone Shorty, Kristin Chenoweth, Rebecca Bloom, Anastasia Bredikhina, Francesca Capaldi and Alexander Garfin. 5/10