Dark Relic

Dark Relic

1099 A.D.: A battle-weary knight leads his men home from the Holy Land after years of fighting. But the supposedly holy relic he’s carrying bears a terrible curse…

The Holy Land, 1099AD. The end of the first Crusade. When the conflict began, Christian knight Sir Gregory lead over a hundred men, but now less than ten remain. They include his squire ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sara C (ag) wrote: Ok good for the kids

George B (ag) wrote: Seriously, I'm sick of watching the puppets being the good guys in these lame prequels. I want them to be evil again and in modern times, not a century ago. I also can't stand all the useless politics they added in this.

Jan H (us) wrote: A story of true friendship.

Gayle M (es) wrote: Once I got over the fact that I thought Moreau seemed to me more comedienne than, tortured artist, I settled in & enjoyed the film.

Brittany R (it) wrote: Mostly this movie just gave me an over-all feeling of "Eh" at the end. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy watching it, but I was fine with it being over too. SMG was adorable and Alec Baldwin was average. Mainly I just liked the scenes shot in SMG's apartment because it was fantastic and I want it.

mmmmm (nl) wrote: Loved this epic movie! You can't go wrong with Peter Mullan playing a hard ass...I think this is one of Wes Bentley's best...

Ian M (au) wrote: A brutal, merciless film, but a tender one too. I love Mark Knopfler's score, and the always-great Jennifer Jason Leigh gives a performance of savage power.

Al M (br) wrote: While Bava had already worked in the giallo genre with The Girl Who Knew Too Much,which was as much a parody as an actual giallo, Blood and Black Lace is often considered to be the first full-blown giallo and it does not disappoint. An interesting film as well since it marks a midpoint between Bava's gothic horror (Black Sunday, Black Sabbath, Kill, Baby, Kill, etc.) and his later more brutal films (Bay of Blood, Rabid Dogs, etc.). Black Lace features a classic giallo killer mystery set against Bava's signature gothic backgrounds, thus creating an atmospheric and brutal early entry in the genre. Bava pushes the limits of horror cinema at the time and presages many of the future developments in the genre.

Dennis C (jp) wrote: The movie poster really sold me on this one. See Blonde, Red Head, And Brunette in that Billing order. Fill in the gaps with snazzy brits and colonialism era characters.

Russ B (gb) wrote: 6/22/2016: Meh. Not that great! Seymour looked amazing.

Andrew K (kr) wrote: Legal thriller. Believable action. Gripping.

Kandy K (mx) wrote: I don't know what it is about this movie, but OMG does it turn me on!