Dark Sea

Dark Sea

A strange black spot approaches the coast, bringing death and destruction to a fishing village. In a desperate flight to escape the chaos, lonely Albino fights for the great love of his life at the risk of his own soul.

The fisherman Peroá and his assistant Cavalo Cansado are fishing in a boat but they do not find any school of peroá (a Brazilian fish from Espírito Santo state). However they fish a ray and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sunil J (fr) wrote: It starts out pretty cliche but the actors have good chemistry and it was okay. The last half hour or so though spins out of control with dramatic twists and then becomes surprisingly dark.

misba h (au) wrote: it is a nice movie and it has gud songs

Ariel V (mx) wrote: Como fanatico de este estilo de arte... esta pelicula es MUY MALA !

John M (au) wrote: The green-headed stepchild of the Marvel universe. So this is about a scientist by the name of Bruce Banner (Edward Norton). He has had an experiment involving gamma radiation done in his past which causes him to change into a green monster when he gets too excited. Will he be able to find a cure, and will he be able to stay two steps ahead of the U.S. Government? I will go ahead and say it: I liked this movie better back in 2008. The Incredible Hulk is not bad, but Marvel has seriously spoiled us over the past decade, and that quality bar has simply been raised. On top of that, this has a disconnected feel to it because they went ahead and tapped out Norton for Mark Ruffalo, so it ends up feeling like its own movie instead of interconnecting to everything else. Apparently, Norton had wanted to do some darker stuff with the character of Banner, like traveling to the Arctic for a suicide attempt. The thing that doesn't hold up all that well in this is actually the acting. These are all good actors, and they have all previously starred in movies that showcase their chops. You can tell that Norton believes in the material, and he has a good chemistry shared with Liv Tyler in the on screen relationship. That said, almost everybody else feels cartoony, like Tim Roth and William Hurt. I don't think they truly realized the extent of what Kevin Feige and Marvel were really doing with their universe building. Roth in particular I feel is really hamming it up, playing a Russian character that they totally just retconned to be raised in England because he didn't feel like doing an accent. Marvel always is given a hard time by everyone for having weak villains, and the Abomination really is one of their lesser rogues in their gallery, even by Marvel standards. Out of all the Marvel movies, this is one of the simpler stories. The other thing that Marvel gets criticized a bunch over is these movies tend to wrap up with a brawl in a city with lots of civilian casualties. They have since fixed that in many of their more recent movies, but The Incredible Hulk is probably the worst from a human life lost standpoint if you are really paying attention to the final brawl. This is one of their lesser movies to be sure, but it was a necessary stepping stone to Marvel finding their legs.

Leanna F (it) wrote: It was HILARIOUS!! And it was what I needed with my post partum depression!

TerriAnn S (nl) wrote: This is a brilliant film

Ralph R (fr) wrote: Obama, McCain, or Clinton are likely to be terrible presidents just like this film is probably going to be a piece of crap as well.

Trevor H (kr) wrote: After the Cuban Revolution, Che becomes quickly disillusioned with his position in Castro's government and prefers instead to spread the revolution throughout South America. He journeys to Bolivia incognito and leads a group of guerillas, only to find that the Bolivian people refuse to follow or fight with Cubans in the Bolivian struggle. As with Part One, hugely educational.

george (de) wrote: got to love it, sad & funny, rez life at it's best

Jacob M (br) wrote: Not as entertaining of a creature feature as I had hoped.

eJana (mx) wrote: This is the first Forman's AMERICAN film. It is said that the film was not successful because it was still too CZECH :) ...

Rosarian D (ag) wrote: Sophia makes the film pop.

Adam T (us) wrote: Strongly acted story about the controversial, highly influencial hip-hop group Niggaz Wit Attitude (NWA). The rise of the group co-incided with a wave of racially driven violence over Los Angeles (including police brutality and the Rodney King beatings). All of these socially divisive issues fueled the anger of the group and their music but also divided them- especially against their management. This film is close to three hours but rarely makes you feel it. Enjoyable ride tinged with moments of sadness along the way.