Dark Star

Dark Star

A low-budget, sci-fi satire that focuses on a group of scientists whose mission is to destroy unstable planets. 20 years into their mission, they have battle their alien mascot, that resembles a beach ball, as well as a "sensitive" and intelligent bombing device that starts to question the meaning of its existence.

The crew of the Dark Star are on a 20 year mission to clear a path in space by destroying planets that are in the way of navigation routes. While waiting to reach their destination, they indulge in various pranks. Unfortunately, a damaged weapons system renders their mission is completely useless. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Priti P (au) wrote: Promos of this flick look very promising with - reed thin and glowing Hollywood like caricatures of Imran and Anushka, Pankaj Kapoor dipped in full-on rustic flavor, an innovative pink buffalo, and top of it the association of ace director Vishal Bhardwaj who knows and delivers his kind of cinema (read rustic) with meticulous ease.But the movie seems like a carelessly strewn necklace of different beads - some small, some big, some different, some flashy and some absolutely new. You definitely cannot ignore the necklace, but at the same time you cannot call it beautiful in conservative, designer or experimental category!No one can question Pankaj's acting, but many may not make any sense out of his Haryanvi drawl. However couple of his Haryanvi scented dialogues are really hilarious. Imran has not been able to impersonate the Haryanvi dude both in accent and persona. Otherwise this would have been one of the characters he would have been remembered by for a long time. But this new kid on the block definitely possesses most honest and beautiful set of eyes. Anushka's characterization is rather unclear. Dancing without inhibition may look beautiful, but uninhibition portrayed through dancing does not. Shabana Azmi has done this movie fully laced with botox. But she seems to be the only actress herein who has somewhere displayed the sentiment which Vishal wanted to be portrayed via the film. Special mention needs to be given to Arya Babbar for holding well to his character throughout the film, something which you cannot say for the lead pair.Some scenes in this movie are really new and well written, but you can only admire them as beads and not as a part of the necklace.

Chris V (gb) wrote: Absolutely captivating movie. Highly recommended.

Li K (it) wrote: Boring and cliche, but at least they cast a cute girl who can sing. Too bad she can't act. Male love interest was also disappointingly unnatractive (even if I were into younger guys) and Jason Ritter wasn't around enough to make up for everyone else. Got bored and wandered away for the last half hour or so. Came back just in time to find the cliched surprise ending. Don't feel like I missed anything.

Beth S (gb) wrote: One of my favorite Christmas movies! Such a great story.

Alex R (br) wrote: I was totally rivetted to this movie. It is disturbing in a few places and unintentionally darkly humorous in others. Some of the performances are fantastic and it's rare that true event stories get reported as accurate by people involved in the real event. It's disturbing, harrowing and at times brutal to watch but it's gripping. If it's popcorn action or drama you want......then this is not for you!!

Jeffrey H (de) wrote: Interesting enough plot at first but definitely some holes. If nothing else, liked this movie for early 2k tech and crazy, funny plot twists.

Trey W (kr) wrote: Men in Black 2 is funny, and full of alien action scenes. It may not have the originality. And there is nothing new offered here. It didn't leave me satisfied. The worst in the series. But is also good in other aspects. My family enjoyed it, and so did I at some times. B- (Okay)

Bronson W (jp) wrote: "Ed Wood" is Johnny Depp's and Tim Burton's best movie out of their eight movies together. It's also their only movie to be shot in black and white. It's also Tim Burton's first R-rated movie and it's also his first movie to not feature Danny Elfman's music score.

Lee T (es) wrote: Funny and a must see!

Chris U (jp) wrote: Another unique Robert Rodriguez story full of ridiculous weapons, gadgets, and costumes. Mastefrul acting by many in a movie full of violent satire.