Dark Victory

Dark Victory

Judith Traherne is at the height of young society when Dr. Frederick Steele diagnoses a brain tumor. After surgery she falls in love with Steele. The doctor tells her secretary that the tumor will come back and eventually kill her. Learning this, Judith becomes manic and depressive. Her horse trainer Michael, who loves her, tells her to get as much out of life as she can. She marries Steele who intends to find a cure for her illness. As he goes off to a conference in New York failing eyesight indicates to Judith that she is dying.

The film is a sad story of a young socialite, Judith Traherne, is at the height of young society. She is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and must decide whether or not she'll meet her final days with dignity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hiroshi M (es) wrote: you watch a great silent movie like this and you realize "damn, there's no need for audio"

Jacky L (au) wrote: a RMFE cum snooze-fest; good for if you have trouble falling asleep.

David L (jp) wrote: Very well done, aside from the ending, which I felt was abrupt and should have somehow shown Goebbels' disdain for the German people in the face of Nazi defeat. Either way, although I thought he was a monster beforehand, I think worse of him now.

Shawn W (es) wrote: A Las Vegas cab driver is hunted by a hitman when he ends up with $1 million of stolen casino cash in his backseat. One of Andrew McCarthy's better roles and I liked Wayne Newton and John Glover in support. Director Mark Lester may not be getting big budgets at this point but can still make a good film. I'll remember this one for the "hot feet" treatment McCarthy gets that had me thinking that the burning itch of athlete's foot isn't so bad.

Tim S (de) wrote: Hilarious movie in classic Cheech and Chong style!

Mina I (fr) wrote: -- Hi. From public library recently I borrowed book SWEET THURSDAY by John Steinbeck. Once I started reading it I recognized characters & plot. It's familiar to me because "Cannery Row" the movie is based on both Steinbeck books, & I've seen "Cannery Row" the movie. I don't think I've read the book. Debra Winger is a great actress. I liked her in "Terms of Endearment," & I like her in "Cannery Row." She plays Suzy, a floozy. Hazel is a man. Joseph and Mary is name of one man. Nolte was cast to be Doc, & both men are endearing. This movie is like homemade catsup. It's spicy. --

Michael H (ca) wrote: The dedication to the role of John McVicar has to be respected here, Roger Daltery is clearly in great physical shape and immerses himself fully into the character, let's not forget he's the lead singer of The Who. The soundtrack is fantastic and is as close as you can get to The Who minus Keith Moon, John McVicar is now a respected writer and broadcaster, I feel the movie has dated slightly.

Lee A (ag) wrote: This was such a great movie! La La Land pushed me towards finally checking this out, and it was not a disappointment. I wasn't sure that the movie was aptly named as Jim didn't seem to be without a cause, he seemed to be the only one standing for anything, even if he didn't know what it was. Plato's character was a little annoying but it fit into the story alright. The scene of the argument between Jim and his parents was my favorite of the whole movie.

Miroslav G (es) wrote: Each Roger Moore Bond film was goofier and more outlandish than the last and it seemed like the franchise was headed towards a potentially dangerous and self-destructive path, especially with Moonraker. But the producers must've seen that things were getting a bit out of hand, so then came For Your Eyes Only. John Glen helms For Your Eyes Only (also the director of The Living Daylights) and gives us a more sober and mature outing for 007, and therefore the end result is quite satisfying. This can't be said for everyone, but I for one was growing a bit tiresome of the outrageously bombastic and goofy so-called "thrills" that the Bond films and their formula had to offer up to this point, so to me this film came off as refreshing and innovative. This film doesn't do away with all of the formula, but just enough to keep things in moderation; featuring a fairly realistic storyline, villains that are actually real people with realistic goals (not ones that seem to be straight out of a cartoon twirling a mustache, petting a cat, and seeking world domination *sigh*), humble but exciting thrills with its action, and even some of Roger Moore's comedic relief intact. This is the first film in the series since the Terence Young Bond films (Dr. No, From Russia With Love, and Thunderball) that actually feels like an espionage thriller and not a glamorized spy/adventure film (and for me, that is too long of a time to wait). Hell, this film even clears up some unanswered questions left untouched from the Connery era, paying respect to Teresa Bond and finally giving Blofeld a satisfying, if slightly goofy, ending (goofy ending for a goofy character, so I think it's fitting enough). Easily the most serious Bond film of the Moore era as well as my personal favorite of the Moore era.

Keith C (ca) wrote: Church is hysterical.

David C (es) wrote: Apparently Disney wants to promote a theme park ride. I just watched a 1.5 hour long advertisement. Only The Rock's charisma kept me from falling asleep while watching this great steaming pile of CGI.