Dark Waters

Dark Waters

A girl travels to an island, after the death of her father, to find out why the father funded a monestary on the island.

A girl travels to an island, after the death of her father, to find out why the father funded a monestary on the island. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jia D (ca) wrote: I'm astonished by the colors! the colors that are so typical of Rome and of some other towns of the bel paese! Stories are really nice too. Our sweet vulnerability :) I'm in a depressive and sad mood these days, with a sense of purpose in the future but not sureness of myself, very contradicting. But after this movie, life is light and airy and sunny again. Storms are romantic, maybe, why not!

Lee C (it) wrote: Another good ip man film but not as good as the first. Some good martial art training and philosophy but just a bit jaded at times with the story.

James A (jp) wrote: Complete over the top insanity, definitely worth the watch. The short film included on the blu-ray is easily as entertaining as the feature. Great for shock value and pure visual insanity.

Brian E (de) wrote: This has to be the worst movie ever made next to the low level budget of master Ps craptastic pieces. There is about 5% of a plot and its just grown men dressed as clowns in denim where the basis of their fans are people who have never accomplished anything in life and can barely put together a complete sentence. It reminds me of that part in tmnt 1 when casey jones is in shredders underground quarters and says..."family...this is what you call...family?" I can't believe I made it 30 minutes into the film.

Jose G (de) wrote: nov 24. Check for Subtitles

Charles G (es) wrote: Big fan of Segel and love Blunt, but this film is a disappointment. No real or lasting humour, which isn't Blunt's niche. The film fails to maximise Segel's ability to deliver a line dead pan with oodles of sarcasm and the supporting cast, with some good names amongst them, add nothing of note.

Rowena C (br) wrote: i th tiz is nt any movie u get to c everyday....kinda good

yucira d (fr) wrote: SWEET...AND KINDA FUNNYYY

Emma J (ru) wrote: Meh. It was okay but not very funny and quite ridiculous.

Worley G (jp) wrote: It's really about a 3 star, but man, I loved this movie. Guilty pleasure!

Nicola W (fr) wrote: A reasonable good British movie, would of given it more stars but it was a bit dated. Funny and serious at the same time, a group of Indian women go to Blackpool but their troubles follow them there.

Jens T (kr) wrote: Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski's fifth and last motion picture together. Not as good as their prevouis movies, but it's sure are the same insanaty from Kinski as always. My favorit scene in this film is when Cobra Verde leads and army of slaves to defeat the barbarian king, and the crowd suddenly stops because a snake is front of them and Kinski is just trow it away with such wrath and the crowd is running.

Private U (kr) wrote: Great movie about salvation and grace. Did he say "forgive me"? Perhaps we'll never know.

Mike S (mx) wrote: this is perhaps the least seen of Waters' early films and it's as good as any of 'em

David S (ca) wrote: One of the best debut features ever, and first film in one of the greatest film trilogies, Ray's movie blends both the universal and the achingly specific into an extraordinarily humane and heartbreaking piece of work.

Linda K (ag) wrote: A very moving silent film! From its story to the cinematography! Absolutely brilliant!

Anthony T (es) wrote: A million jokes that never land...

Jamey P (es) wrote: A fun family movie that everything it's supposed to be. The production is well done and the cast plays well together. A few genuine laughs some modest twists and plenty of action keeps kids and adults alike casually entertained for the run time.

Megg C (br) wrote: I loved Kay with a horse it was awesome

Preston B (fr) wrote: Where's Simon Belmont when you need him?