Dark Woods

Dark Woods

The crew of the TV show "Real TV" with controlling boss Gunnar on the front line will soon begin production of a reality show for which participants are selected to survive in the wilderness. Gunnar has gathered a production team of four people: The friends Lasse and Per , the Swedish girl Elin and the new girl Sara. To test his new employees, Gunnar takes them to a log cabin where he used to spend summers as a kid. The cabin is located far away from civilisation, hidden in the dark, mysterious woods. The team has to make it through a weekend, finding food that nature has to offer, and neither cellular phones nor cigarettes are allowed. When Lasse and Per find a dead body in a lake near the cottage, the group is being tested. Gunnar is suggesting that they should continue the weekend without mentioning anything to Sara and Elin about what they found. But soon the team experiences some escalating incidents which lead to paranoia, accusations and mistrust.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Norwegian,Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:cabin,   wilderness,   cult film,  

The crew of the TV show "Real TV" with controlling boss Gunnar on the front line will soon begin production of a reality show for which participants are selected to survive in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert F (nl) wrote: Above average psychological horror. The script is kinda hokey, but the cast really gives it their all. Overall, it works as a good minimalist psychological horror film.

Charlie L (ag) wrote: A brilliantly violent film with Michael Caine's fantastic performance at its heart.

Logan B (us) wrote: An energetic comedy with plenty of slap stick and awkward moments but has a heart to show through with its emphasis on parent hood and a small flair of drama

Pierce C (gb) wrote: Well done. Informative and interesting if you're interested in military history/knowledge and fighter aircraft.

Shawn W (jp) wrote: A married couple decides to add spice back to their relationship by becoming swingers but end up hooking up with a twisted pair. Strictly average. For me there was too much Baldwin and not enough Swanson.

Alex r (au) wrote: Stealing Harvard is one of those comedies that could have been very funny and memorable and simply a good time all around. However due to a poor cast, a bad story and minimal jokes, this film fails at delivering what you want from a good comedy. Add to the mix, Tom Green, and you're bound to have a comedy that is sure to fail. Aside from a few funny moments, this is a failure of a comedy that really doesn't have anything good going for it. In the end, I didn't enjoy the film, and I thought it had wasted potential to actually being funny. If the cast was better, it might have been good, and if the plot was better as well, then maybe the film would have succeeded. In the end, there's nothing really interesting going on here, and most of the time the jokes fail to bring on genuine laughter. I think that's pretty bad because, this could have been a good little comedy, instead it falls flat, and the gags are strained, unfunny and overall pointless. This film is one of those comedies that fail because of poor writing, and directing. To me, it all seemed that the filmmakers didn't care about the end result of the film, and this is a film that is not worth your time, and should be avoided if you're looking for something funny. Richard Jenkins was funny in his part, but that wasn't enough to save this film from being a total dud. Ultimately this film is a train wreck, and is just unfunny and it lacks effective jokes to really make it stand out.

Sean L (kr) wrote: A ride through the music-making machine with a wholesome, mid-sixties one-hit-wonder. For years I thought I'd hate it, based on trailers and tone alone, but was pleasantly surprised. The film's got some issues, no doubt - especially the horribly tacked-on, telegraphed romantic ending - but it's got a lot of soul and I actually started to like the little tribe of stereotypes as we spent more time together. The theme song is appropriately catchy, too, without being grating like a lot of the era's pop records. Which is important, because it plays no less than once every ten minutes. There's good stuff here, with a nice leading performance from (who?) Tom Everett Scott as the band's hip, friendly drummer, but it's also clearly a learning project for writer / director / supporting actor Tom Hanks. Could've been much better with a bit of a trim and a wilder fire burning behind the lens.

Ryan W (nl) wrote: Bad casting and bad directing caused this Batman film to be less appealing than the previous two films. While the film had potential to be good, with the humour back in the mix, this film fails overall and leaves fans wanting so much more than what was presented.

Alfredo E (nl) wrote: don't know how I did it to the end

Scott C (de) wrote: This wasn't bad. The climax was pretty cool. Melanie Griffith used to be a real movie star.

Jason M (kr) wrote: Beautiful! Anyone interested in the Apollo missions should definitely see this fantastic documentary!

Orlok W (us) wrote: Birth of a genre--Stark, Compact, Classic!!

F B (fr) wrote: An interesting look at a very normal bunch of people who are part of an iconic band.

Kong L (es) wrote: "HEART-POUNDING | MESMERIZING | PULSATING | THRILL-RIDE" (95-out-of-100)

Kyle M (br) wrote: The return to the Never Land world levels to the original animated classic with harmless derivational beauty and creativeness to build up a pleasant charm and a heart, especially touching reality in some connective situations. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

Steven L (br) wrote: I saw this a long time ago, and I don't remember much about it. I'll have to see it again.

Tim S (ru) wrote: John Ford's classic has lost a little of it's edge over the years, but it is no way a bad film. Quite the opposite.