The film's story is similar to fantasy films like Yamaleela, Yamudiki Mogudu, Yamagola and Yamadonga. Bullet Raja (Ravi Teja) is a small time crook with a good heart. He bumps into Swetha (Taapsee Pannu) at a function and falls in love with her. But Swetha is already engaged to Harbour Babu (Sushant Singh), a powerful local goon. Harbour Babu hatches a plan to finish off Bullet Raja and he succeeds in his efforts. Bullet Raja heads to Yamalokam where he realises that his life has unjustly been terminated by Chitragupta (M. S. Narayana) and so he picks up a fight with Yamadharma Raja (Prabhu). A helpless Yamadharma Raja decides to send him back to earth into the body of Home Minister Ravindra (Ravi Teja), who is killed by his associates Balram (Sayaji Shinde), Shantaram (Avinash) and Pavitrananda (Raghu Babu). After Bullet Raja enters into Ravinder's body, he confronts his enemies and fulfills the wishes of his mother Parvathamma (Jayasudha) and his followers.

In Yamalokam retirement age comes from Senior Yama and he gives charge to his Son. However experienced Chitragupta is retained much to his disappointment. He decides to teach a lesson to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Daruvu torrent reviews

Javier C (nl) wrote: t's bad, slow, boring, nothing happens, you can skip so much time for nothing, when a children's home arrives with the addicted mom painted for good, those who a romance movie, ask very little in their lives or settle for less What is the point of something like that?

Gordon H (nl) wrote: Good western. Notable actors. Pretty authentic as to costumes and props

Dane C (ca) wrote: Smiley Face has a very simple but well-working script and while the direction is very simplistic, I find it to be amazing. It's obviously not the greatest film so it does have it's fare share of flaws, but the biggest disappointment for me was the fact that it didn't have much Adam Brody in it. Especially considering I was in hysterics whenever he was on screen and he's one of my favourite actors, if not my favourite.

Pwincess N (nl) wrote: found it borin i h8 bhoomkia chawla mn n salman khan! so u cn c y i dint lyk da movie lol n preity zinda died in it lol it wz jus plain shit

Patrick G (au) wrote: When a high school English teacher encourages his talented, fatherless female student to enter a poetry contest, he has no idea what he has set in motion...I thought this was a very touching and well done movies and I agree with Mark, five stars.

Dillinger P (es) wrote: I love simple films, sometimes the best concepts are so straight forward and relatable that the entire film can become so over powering. I also love art house movies, especially euro cinema, its daring, full on, fresh, exciting. Although Run Lola Run has all of these traits, it suffers the biggest flaw a film could, what was the fuckin point? Lola gets a phone call from her hysterical boyfriend, explaining how a drug exchange for a gang leader, went right close to perfect, until he managed to lose the money, thus leaving Lola 20 minutes in which to make her way to him, hopefully sorting the problem out on route. No i'll try not to spoil it for those of you who have yet to see it but the films main problems are its highly predictable, its visually inconsistant and morally has no idea what it wants to achieve. There are a bunch of small characters who the film feels the need to shoe horn in, just to show how different scenarios could alter their lives, okay, quirky but these characters are of no substance or interest and most of them have very little to do with the outcome of the film. Which is the biggest let down of any film, I've seen in quite some time. At first I was enjoying its quirky, quick cut, mixed approach, its flashy and fast paced, it contextually makes sense, however once Lola actually starts running, it becomes bogged down with far too much needless dialogue and moments that need not exist. There are messages dotted about here and there, about the couples life style and what would they do without each other but nothing every becomes of it, this is mainly down to the way in which the film decides to structure itself. It actually almost had me clapping half an hour in as i thought that the film makers may actually have the balls to completely do something so special new and completely unseen. But they pussy out, leaving you watching the same events, unfold time after time, only marginally different from the time before. It becomes a choir to watch and eventually turns completely stupid, defying all laws of physics and actual chance. The films like a preacher with no heart and soul. luckily the movie has at times a really lovely and polished look to it, the camera work is at times extremely well crafted and with the bouncing score over the top, it gives the film a pulse and a life. Then there are moments when either a completely different camera or grade is used for 1 scene, fine does it add anything? No, meaning that it doesnt asthetically look solid all the way through. I would have much rather had 1 of the first 2 insane options, fleshed out a bit more and dealt with a bit more care than the outcome we get. This film feels highly over rated, hugely dissapointing and hilarious, when it shouldnt be. Despite its major flaws, the film manages to throw enough at the viewer to keep them present and aware for a run time of 1 hour and 20 minutes but by the end you really would have rather it been a short film, tighter, more honed in and wonderfully crafted, than over bloated and flat.

Scott W (jp) wrote: Cheap Terminator/Predator rip-off

Luke M (fr) wrote: Old but still looks cool

Aj V (de) wrote: A swashbuckling vampire tale, I love it. This movie is very cool, it's about a vampire hunter back in the old days, and he travels to this town to slay the vampires. I highly recommend this Hammer horror movie.

Tero H (br) wrote: Wonderful slapstick humor and genuine feelings. As usual, Laurel and Hardy are acting silly to amuse generations of movie goers and viewers, and it's fun. Eddie's baby that they are taking care of being all sweet and the characters very familiar, this is a fun movie with a warm atmosphere - if only a little self -repetitive in the slapstick department, and could have had a bit more complex story.

Jennifer B (au) wrote: Dirty Dancing was produced in 1987 as a drama. The film was written by Eleanor Bergstein and directed by Emile Adolino. The films main actor was Patrick Swayze, who played Johnny and the main actress was Jennifer Grey, who played Baby. Dirty Dancing is a coming of age movie that was both relevant at the time of production in 1987 as well as relevant today. This movie includes a plot which deals with abortion, a topic which still stirs much controversy today. Dirty Dancing is drama. Men and women alike are able to take themselves back to a time when dancing and life's events is what brought them together for better or for worse, for one reason or another. Dirty Dancing takes you on a families' vacation during the summer of in 1963. Baby, along with her parents and sister are headed to Kellerman's resort for their first family vacation in six years. It is not long after that while she is wandering around the grounds that she runs into the bell boy Billy, played by Neal Jones, that she had previously meet while unloading their suitcases from the car. He asks her if she wants to help him take some watermelons up to the staff quarters. As the doors open her mouth drops and she sees for the first time people dirty dancing. She scoots her way across the room careful not to stare or look to hard at the way the people are dancing. As she drops off the watermelon that she had been carrying, she sees him. He is Johnny, played by Patrick Swayze. Johnny is the dancer who has already showed off his moves with his dance partner Penny, played by Cynthia Rhodes. He proceeds to take Baby out on the dance floor and dirty dance with her. She has no clue what she is doing but she is having fun. The family is out for the evening enjoying the summer breeze by the gazebo when Baby begins to be eyed by the resort owner's grandson, Neil. Neil offers to take Baby to the kitchen and offers her anything she wants. While in the kitchen Baby notices the that the dancer she admires, Penny, is bending over in the corner crying. She quickly tells Neil that she is no longer hungry and rushes back to find Billy in order to tell him what she has seen. Billy interrupts the dance between Johnny and a guest and then they all run off to see what is wrong with Penny. Once they find Penny and head back to the dance studio it is there that Baby finds out that Penny is pregnant and that she wants to have an abortion. Billy says that he found a doctor that can perform the surgery but he is only in town one day next week and it is going to cost money, which none of them have. The next day Baby asks her father, who is a doctor, for the money. She tells him that she can't tell him what the money is for but that it is important. Baby eagerly finds Penny and Johnny and tells them that she has the money. Penny is excited but says she can't take the money because they have a show at another local hotel the same day as the surgery and they can't find anyone to fill in for Penny. Billy offers up Baby to be Penny's stand in for the show. It is agreed that Johnny is a great teacher and he agrees to teach Baby the dance.The movie goes on to take the viewer though the many dance lesson that Baby needs in order to get up to speed with not only how to dance, because it appears that she has two left feet, but also how the dance will be performed. The dance lessons are intense. First Baby must learn how to count the beats to the music, then she must put the beat to the moves she is learning. Baby practices even when she doesn't have to be practicing. At one point in the film, Baby gets frustrated with Johnny because the show is only days away and he is not showing her all the lifts and moves that she will need to know. Johnny decides that they need a change of scenery and takes her to a local lake where they can practice the lifts there. Then show night comes. They go on stage and perform, Baby is unable to do the lift but all in all they feel the show went well. When they arrive back at the staff quarters they see that Penny is in pain. Baby runs off and gets her dad. Penny is given proper medication and is said that she will be okay in time.Even after the show Johnny and Baby can't seem to stay away from each other. Baby has fallen for Johnny and Johnny for Baby. They sneak off to dance and see one another often. There are however, some other guests that have been accustom to having time with Johnny but now that Johnny has fallen for Baby their time is no longer available. It turns out that a jealous guest has turned Johnny in for allegedly stealing wallets from guests. Baby stands up for Johnny telling the owner that she can vouch for Johnny's whereabouts for the evening in question because she was with him all night. Baby's father is not pleased that his daughter is sleeping around with Johnny and in the end Johnny is fired for sleeping with a guest. Baby and Johnny said they good byes and Johnny races off, saying "he will never regret it". Baby is sad knowing that she will never see Johnny again and that her father is mad with her decision to be with Johnny. On the last night the resort holds a variety show. Usually Johnny and his dancers do the final act but since Johnny was fired all of variety show folks are on stage singing one final act. Then Johnny walks in. He searches the crowd to find Baby and sees her. He walks up to the table with her parents and says, "nobody buts Baby in the corner", takes her hand and leads her on stage. Billy puts on a song and Johnny takes Baby's hand and they dance one final amazing dance together.

David M (jp) wrote: This movie pisses me off but in a good way.