Das Frauenhaus

Das Frauenhaus

Nightclub owner and erotic dancer Rita Blue uses her place as a front for working undercover as a spy. Motivated by her vehement hatred of men that stems from having been sexually abused as...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
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Das Frauenhaus torrent reviews

Leia C (us) wrote: This movie really hits home for me, the portrayals of the divorcing parents is spot on. Great acting in this movie, even from the kids. The only part I found incredible was the ending.

Christina H (ca) wrote: What a funny guy. Love to listen to him. I just sit there and laugh my a*! off.

Amy K (au) wrote: I have had dentist appointments that I enjoyed more than this movie. I watched it once and literally threw it away so it would never find its way into my dvd player again.

Erik P (br) wrote: I wanted to like this more, but like Robocop, it has not aged well.

Bill M (nl) wrote: NAKED SEXY SPACE VAMPIRES!!! this truly insane 80's sci-fi horror extravaganza is visually incredible and madly imaginative and has one of the most demented concepts imaginable, a space trip leads to the discovery of a massive vessel while exploring Halley's comet, a vessel filled with, as i mentioned, space vampire beings. The sexiest, most naked and least dead one (the mesmerizing Mathilda May) uses one of the astronauts to get down to earth and take it over, primarily London. It's big, awesomely well realized, weird and cool, and features the first of two instances in movies where Patrick Stewart is possessed by some guys female lover who talks through him in a strange "where is this going" type moment. Must be seen to be believed really. A gem of 80's genre cinema.

JeanPol C (jp) wrote: My opinion---Raging Bull, is an extraordinary film and biography on the life of the great boxing champion Jake LaMotta, carried out masterfully by the brilliant Martin Scorsese. In this incredible film about the life of this great American boxer of Italian origin nicknamed "the bull of the Bronx". He came from a modest background and reached the heights thanks to mythical fights, notably against Sugar Ray Robinson and Marcel Cerdan, who will lead him to the title of world middleweight champion. But then he knows the failure of his private life (divorce, reconversion as manager of nightclub ...).A magnificent film full of truth and emotion, I remember the incredible effort that Robert De Niro had to make by growing 27 kilos to play the role of Jake LaMotta after his career as a boxer. An exceptional achievement by Martin Scorsese and such an exceptional performance by Robert De Niro. This great biographical film retraces the life of Jake LaMotta. In 1990, American critics chose him as the best film of the decade. It is true that this film is incredibly good.

Kyle S (kr) wrote: An incredible heart-felt drama with a phenomenal acting performance by Mickey Rourke. The Wrestler follows the life of a retired wrestler who realizes that he has no life outside of the ring. The film perfectly captures Randy "The Ram"'s struggle trying to piece his life together. The realism the film captures is genuine, feeling every emotion of Rourke's character. With the combination of a dramatic script and superb acting performances, The Wrestler is one of the most emotionally engaging dramas.

Louise B (fr) wrote: Quirky and fun! I love Lucille ball and I like how the story spans so much time. It's also neat to see Bea Arthur because she is always funny!

Markus M (nl) wrote: The first two thirds of the film are a masterwork of visual storytelling - light on plot with minimal dialogue and exposition, but heavy on atmosphere as the visuals tell you all you need to know about who the characters are and what the world they inhabit is like. The last third of the film is where it loses some of its power and charm though as more characters are brought to the forefront and there's a bigger emphasis on plot. Frankly the last third almost feels like it's dragging.7,5/10

stu b (it) wrote: Saw this film when it came on the TV once and surprised me. A really good atmospheric film, with an excellent performance from Attenborough. The early 60's shots of London makes this a collectors piece.

Wayne H (fr) wrote: My fave Will Hay film - it's very funny... Shame 'Flixster' doesn't have Arthur Askey's 1941 'sort of' remake 'The Ghost Train' as I'd of rated that highly too (Arthur Askey's 1941 version - 'The Ghost Train' - actually follows the plot of the play, whilst Will Hay's 1937 version - Oh, Mr Porter!' is a loose interpretation - but what an interpretation !).

Casey P (ca) wrote: OMG this movie is hilarious I love it

Plain C (de) wrote: Yeah I think religion is prety darn stupid and if you believe in god, god's in his heaven all's right with the world so pedophiles must be what god want right? Your leaders are pedo-ing up kids all day long. Everyone knows it happens and this documentary represent that, talking to pedo cunts and victims. It's a great insight on the religious cowards who hide behind their religion and exploit people/children and think they can get away with it. cuntasaurus rex MAde me angry that people still love the pedo cunt who is the pope. Burn their gold, burn and stick it up the arses which are controdicting their god who is sounding more and more like satan. I'm chatting breeze but yeah this documentary is tight and reminds me why i hate religion. I watched it because know your enemy right? I must learn about these batards to take them down. peace

Jonathan C (nl) wrote: Fan service to the max! Everybody's in this movie! Even Billy Dee, Carrie Fisher and Kevin Smith and the Shat!! And how the what the what!?! Ernest Cline wrote the screenplay?!?!

Chris K (jp) wrote: Weird movie, disjointed plot...is that Pee-wee Herman?

Ricky G (mx) wrote: This was not a good movie at all. I felt it was rushed or they really just didn't try for this. With it offering a few (I'm talking like two) chuckles it has nothing really going for it. Anna Kendrick looks bored or tired the whole movie and Craig Robinson is well his normal character as usual. I was ready for it to end about an hour in.

Sarah R (mx) wrote: I thought it was good! Lots of jump scares.

Kim E (kr) wrote: Excellent spy/agent thriller.