Das Geheimnis der Lüfte

Das Geheimnis der Lüfte

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1913
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Das Geheimnis der Lüfte 1913 full movies, Das Geheimnis der Lüfte torrents movie

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Das Geheimnis der Lüfte torrent reviews

Ilan G (gb) wrote: Very predictable, I don't like.

asialynn n (es) wrote: this movie sounds great

David B (nl) wrote: People forget that this is based on (or a least minor) adaptation of an Elmore Leonard novel. So it does feel that's something's missing in this film that's not to say it isn't any good, it's actually a great film. Quentin Tarantino's third film is full of great performances, some good edgy drama and some wit, that fact that this isn't his own "design" was disappointing but he still directs with energy and at times engaging. Tarantino has once again defied the critics and produced a movie that solidly establishes him as still the most important filmmaker of the decade. It maybe a film he didn't write but he's still one of the best directors around and still adds that touch of humour to it.

Dustin O (es) wrote: this movie that you can see far away and see the whales you can see all over again. A thriller, change peoples life and adult matural for kids to watch

Li C (it) wrote: Cute story. The little girl was great in it, and Sam Elliot played the father perfectly. A little depressing for a Christmas movie, what with them being poor, the dad always yelling at her, the reindeer having been shot, etc., but overall it was really sweet.

David S (jp) wrote: Takes a while for this biography to get started. Eventually it finds its footing both thematically and visually. It then takes its moving story and extends its ideas beyond the life of one man to his attempts to change and unite the lives of all (a lesson lost after the Twinkie defense helped bring on a ridiculous verdict).

Eric J (ru) wrote: A light-hearted adaptation of a classic Agatha Christie Story. Well done. Great ensemble cast.

Jude P (jp) wrote: Will never forget this movie as it's brilliantly crafted with magnificent portraitists by all the characters. What else you need from a movie ?

Andy F (br) wrote: This is a great film. The first time I saw was when I was a little kid. It really scared me.

Tracy D (jp) wrote: This is a funny movie!!

Mariana M (gb) wrote: This movie had some great actors in it, however it was poorly written so it wasn't that great.

Francisco S (de) wrote: No original, predictable, bad graphics, but good suspense and interesting

Armando P (us) wrote: Beautiful movie about love and technology.

owen b (ru) wrote: this film is not propaganda garbage like some other films in the past. this is about four soldiers who are being hunted by terrorists without support. something I like about this film is that it knows how to be entertaining without action sequences and when there was an action sequence, it felt real and the lack of music made the scene great. yes, only one guy survives and that's why the film is called lone survivor. it actually took me a while to notice that. the movie is incredibly brutal but when it comes to violence, I'm not bothered by it. the acting is fantastic and it is one of the best, if not the best, performances from Mark Wahlberg.Owens grade: B+