Das Phantom von Soho

Das Phantom von Soho

A murder mystery involving several high-profile Londoners being bumped off near a Soho nightclub by a masked killer.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1964
  • Language:German,English,French
  • Reference:Imdb
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A murder mystery involving several high-profile Londoners being bumped off near a Soho nightclub by a masked killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Das Phantom von Soho torrent reviews

cli o (fr) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Bill B (ru) wrote: Okay, I'm completely giving this one a fresh score, having re-watched on DVD awhile back, it actually jumped a full point for me for the scenes between Li and Mark Dacascos. I think I rated it fairly low the first time around due to my being tired of the idea that you can't make a martial arts movie in the '90s and early '00s without shoehorning at least a handful of rappers or R & B singers into there, but in the more forgiving light of 2011 I figure I can look past this and enjoy other elements of the proceedings.Worth a rental or a bored cable watch if you haven't checked it out.

Philip S (ag) wrote: Saw this years ago - although it may seem a straight forward documentary some scenes are laugh out loud hilarous. Features some of the most memorable moments committed to film.

Richard D (us) wrote: I gather that Paddy Chayefsky had his name removed from this film because he objected to Russell's direction. In a sense I don't blame him, but Russell is completely right in this case. Chayefsky obviously takes the concepts in his scrtipt very seriously, but they are total hooey and Russell knows it. Treating this dialogue with solemnity would have resulted in a dull, risible affair. Russell treats the long, pretentious speeches in this film as if they are music ... the characters deliver it with an intensity that matches the emotional relevance of the underlying themes. It transforms a remarkably silly story into a minor masterpiece.

Jason S (nl) wrote: It's movies like this that Quentin Tarantino watches to get his ideas from. Top notch exploitation from the Shaw Brothers. A woman is raped and contracts an std. She is PISSED. So she learns how to smash/ stab/ rip balls off men from a crippled martial artist/nightclub owner and of course, extracts bloody revenge.

Holly W (ca) wrote: Refreshing to see a film with major actors that breaks away from the condescending, politically correct, brain-washing pablum that reigns in so many of today's Hollywood productions. Great job, Mr. Cage, and Anton Yelchin (and Mr. Schrader). I loved the camaraderie between the two main characters. The honest caring between them was almost palpable, and was inspiring as it brought comfort in the midst of uncertainty, fear, and violence.

Nacho M (es) wrote: While it does suffer from unbalanced characters screentime and not very deep characters, Inglorious Basterds has great action, humor, outstanding performances and great dialogue. Its simply a very entertaining film from star to finish, without a doubt another great film in Tarantinos filmography.