Das Ungeheuer von London City

Das Ungeheuer von London City

Then the spirit of Jack the Ripper seems to be very much alive in 1960s London as a series of brutal slayings by the Monster of London City has Scotland Yard baffled. In a macabre ...

Then the spirit of Jack the Ripper seems to be very much alive in 1960s London as a series of brutal slayings by the Monster of London City has Scotland Yard baffled. In a macabre ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Das Ungeheuer von London City torrent reviews

Steve J (kr) wrote: Diappointingly predictable & formulaic. OK to pass the time, but that's not why I go to see films, and nowhere near the Nordic Noir benchmark I'm used to.

Dustin H (es) wrote: *SPOILERS*It had it's moments, but i found this movie "ok". They want you "understand" z and see where he is coming from, but doing it in slideshow, and not actually taking the time to fully develop a character was a mistake imo. They do more for characters in filler episodes than they did for Z in this movie. The Z's ambition episodes in the anime don't mean shit here, so there's that. While many people argue the plot holes in the movie and the Strawhats not caring about the world in the movie, i do feel it is a bit bullshit. While i agree that they are pirates, not heroes, and have no "duty" to save the new world, i believe it goes against everything the strawhats have done in story of one piece. In the Story One Piece, They saved a country, water 7, friends, fishman island, kids on punk hazard.. etc.. so when a bigger threat is right in front of them, which could destroy millions of lives and quite possibly ruin the ENTIRE world, they just ignore it? The last 20 minutes of this film seemed rushed. They get to the final island, and within a minute or so they are fighting their respective rivals of the movie. The fights aren't much fights (again, no real threats in the new world yet, so thats a bummer) and end too quickly, and once again, its a fight luffy should of never won. While Z is old and maybe sick, he still should of beat luffy. Once again, the world "logic" works one moment in the movie, and then later it doesn't. Luffy is always instantly weak when touching Sea-stone, so the final battle, why did it not bother him in the least bit? I enjoyed the setting of the final fist-fight. It set the mood of what should be a last stand, only nothing "happened' during it. Which is disappointing. Then, Z collapses from exhaustion, saying he can't go on anymore.. to only get up a minute later and fight off marines.Then we are to "feel" for Z towards the end, after almost killing half the world and probably killing thousands of innocents. Yep.But that's nitpicking. I loved the Animation, and the colors used during certain scenes of the movie. the 3D animation during the fight scenes were a nice touch, and hopefully they use it in the next movie, or possibly the anime. I also enjoyed how they showed haki in the movie. Good start.I "enjoyed" the movie, but it's not one of the better one piece movies. Still worth the watch.

Derek J (es) wrote: a magnificent visual feast!! they really went all out, as xun and vicky delivered spectacular performances! the action is sharp, drama is shakespeare's best, with cute intermittent comedy. it is pure escapism fun, a MUST SEE FILM!! (=

Chris S (gb) wrote: Exciting and gripping.

alex l (es) wrote: instant classic love story

Lee N (fr) wrote: A slow burning, but at times tense thriller about a young man who is just a bit crazy, and what he wants, he gets. He is very disturbed and the acting by Sam Parsonson is brilliant. But overall, the pace was just a bit too slow, and it calls itself a horror/thriller. For me, it was nothing like a horror !

Mohammed A (de) wrote: It is not a good movie to watch

DhiaEddine D (es) wrote: Important and real facts but it's like half a movie. Despite all great actors, it's still empty in story and action.

Jill R (de) wrote: A wonderful piece of filmmaking filled with a spectacular well written screenplay, and some phenomenal performances especially by Adam Sandler. This is a heartbreaking moving entertaining piece of filmmaking Grade A

Melissa O (ca) wrote: It just felt like this movie could have been so much more.

Jennifer M (de) wrote: Not too bad actually. David Spade becomes annoying after a while but all together not as bad as I thought i would be lol

Jennifer D (au) wrote: Monsoon Wedding is a depiction of old Indian traditions melding with modern sensibilities and daily life. The story focuses on the Verma family; father Lalit, mother Pimmi, daughter and bride-to-be Aditi, and son Varun. Lalit has recently arranged a marriage for Aditi to a man called Hemant she has known for only a few weeks. We see Aditi struggle with the idea of marriage over the course of the movie. She is still having an affair with a married man and wonders if she should wait for him to leave his wife and marry for passion and love instead. Just before her wedding day, a late night meeting with her lover turns sour. She decides he doesn't love or respect her enough and she should call off the affair. This compels her to be open and honest with her fiance, Hemant, and tell him about the affair before their wedding. Angry at first, he soon comes around and says he thinks their marriage has a chance and they can be happy together. He tells her he values her honesty and that the decision to marry is in her court now. Meanwhile, while seeing one child leave the nest, Lalit and Pimmi deal with issues regarding the future of their young son, Varun. He does not fit into traditional Indian stereotypes and expectations, being that he is less masculine and uninterested in stereotypically manly things like sport and study. We see their struggle to deal with this, mostly on Lalit's end. The Verma house is brimming with relatives during the week of wedding festivities. An unfortunate discovery is made about Ria, Lalit's niece, and a history of her sexual molestation by a family member. This is a point of contention as it seems it may happen again to another young family member. Eventually Lalit decides silence is not a strong enough response to such a wrong and defends his niece by sending his brother-in-law, the pedophile, away from the wedding. The chaos of the wedding planning centers on a sub-story of wedding coordinator P.K. Dubey. We see him grow from a lazy, shallow man to a lovestruck character intent on winning a newly desired love, Alice the Verma family's housekeeper, and becoming a respectable family man. Their innocent, lower class courtship and marriage is celebrated quietly at the same time Aditi and Hemant's over the top wedding is taking place. The movie ends with all the relatives and the two wedding couples rejoicing and dancing under an opulent tent as the rain pours down.This movie touches on many Indian culture perspectives. Hinduism is constantly referenced and respect is a focal issue. Arranged marriage is common in the Hindu religion and we see the tradition being tested against modern society. The idea of marriage as a business venture (albeit a sacred institution) rather than a love match permeates the film. We also see the representation of the caste system in this movie, although not to the extreme that it used to be. The Verma family represents the middle class while Dubey and Alice represent the lower class. While not directly referencing Hindu characteristics, a hint of the religion is present in nearly every scene as an explanation for tendencies and actions. The elaborate wedding is focused on family and celebration and honoring tradition and less on the love of the bride and groom.

thorin o (kr) wrote: I always felt this film was 100% misunderstood by horror fans thought it was really good for what it was.

David L (ag) wrote: Couldn't remember whether I had seen this all the way through before, but if I had then it obviously wasn't that memorable, but on the other hand it hadn't put me off watching it again either. It's not the concept that would initially attract me as it's definitely a girl orientated chick flick but with Sandra Bullock as the lead, it becomes more of a tomboy chick flick. Situated as a police officer amongst a team of men, she becomes the obvious candidate as an undercover agent when looking to investigate mysterious events within an American beauty queen contest. However with her manly persona and her regular day job, blending into a feminine environment such as this does not come easy, and it's quite comical to watch the transition that Michael Caine has to assist in, as well as the blossoming relationship with her project boss. Initially irritated by the dimwit personalities that only wish for 'world peace', she soon takes to them when they all look to her for inspiration and a bit of lighthearted fun. Behind it all, there is of course the traitor in the ranks to find, whose sole goal is to destroy the next winner when they go to be crowned. This becomes just another sub plot in what becomes quite a surprisingly captivating watch, not just because the screen is full of several American models. It's true that I wouldn't have picked this out as a must watch from a line of DVD's, but it is very credible and I would sheepishly admit to be quite happy to watch the sequel.

Matt K (es) wrote: awesome b movie greatness

Tim S (au) wrote: Lon (aka "The Professional") is Luc Besson's second character study of a professional assassin - the first being "Nikita". Lon saves 12-year-old Matilda after her entire family are murdered and reluctantly takes her under his wing. Matilda has revenge on her mind. If possible, see the extended European Version of the film.

Mark B (it) wrote: if you dont watch this movie for its 80's sex appeal campyness then watch it for crispen glover cause he is fucking funny in this.... even if its unintentional

Faye L (es) wrote: This movie is one of the milestones of Indian Cinema............." One of 3 great movies of India "...........

Ryan V (es) wrote: The first half of Ikiru ("to live) focuses on an elderly bureaucrat (Takashi Shimura) who embarks on a heartbreaking quest for identity after receiving notice of mortal illness. The second half of the film takes place after this man has died and it studies what kind of effect his passing has made upon those around him. Director Akira Kurosawa relies heavily on facial closeups to bring impact to the film's themes and this helps his cast deliver lines in a way that transcends subtitle barriers. While Ikiru does make plenty of room to take potshots at the inadequacies of government, the movie as a whole is an emotive, honest, and forthright meditation on the nature of human frailty in its myriad forms.

Sgt C (jp) wrote: (68%)One of Disney's better remembered early classics plays very much a similar note to one of their more recent classics "The lion king", as the circle of life is the overriding theme here. Although this is much more of a simple plotted watch in which tells its basic, yet captivating tale of nature against the odds placed by man. Some have tamely attacked the negative depiction of man as being too simplistic, too black and white; but the fact remains this is very much taken from the view of a wild deer so how else exactly can man be shown as anything other than a cold killer with a smoking gun is hard to imagine. This isn't one of my top pick Disney outings as I favour their more light-heated features, but I will admit that the animation is fantastic and it has aged very well over the decades becoming more than a little bit timeless.