Dasara Bullodu

Dasara Bullodu


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Paul A (gb) wrote: Really not bad. Funny in a dry way.Good dancing from Greta.

Kamrin D (fr) wrote: Ya thia one isnt very good..Its actually kind of confusing

Jack S (de) wrote: There are worse sequels

R Mark B (de) wrote: Worth the watch as light entertainment... It seems to improve a bit with age. I would have gone with two stars the first time around..

Jared L (es) wrote: Malkovich makes one of the greatest villains of all time going against Eastwood.

Andrew F (ca) wrote: Not a movie you're likely to come across in your local video store, but you should leap at any chance you get to see this film. Visually stunning, it takes you into the world and hardships of Argentina in a more than powerful way.

Ian R (de) wrote: Really fun look at early Arnold and the massive muscles that made him a star. Lots of great lines and (if you're into it) man-meat.

Thure H (au) wrote: Mere funky bliver det ikke. Farverne, bilerne, toejet, mand hvor havde de stil.

Brandon B (es) wrote: Raquel Welch has the worst Spanish accent you will ever hear. Seriously, her hotness almost doesn't make up for it. Jim Brown is fun but it does drag a bit. Lots of Burt Reynolds being Burt Reynolds.