Dasepo Naughty Girls

Dasepo Naughty Girls

Based on the popular Internet novel, the film takes place in a school renowned for its sexual aberrations. The student body is comprised of sexually ambiguous teenagers, and the student president and vice-present flaunt their taste for S&M. Independent study and supplementary classes are done on homosexuality and transgenderism. But amidst this environment, there are some that just can't adapt.

Based on the Internet comic strip, Multi-Cell Girl (a.k.a Dasepo sonyo) follows the sexual adventures in one seriously bizarre high school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Siri B (jp) wrote: This is a true b-movie. It's funny and entertaining from the start, and if you like b-actions, you'll enjoy this one!

Gary M (es) wrote: It's okay. Pretty fake though. A one time watch.

Kong M (it) wrote: I believe the primary purpose of this movie is to, demonstrate how relationships and conflicts are so diverse across individuals, that their perception on a similar matter can never be the same. For that, high marks are awarded.Kirishima is supposed to be the popular student but never present in the movie physically speaking. His unintentional absence instead is to provide a pivot...and eventually proved to the audience that one's absence could trigger unwanted effects on the togetherness/friendship/reliance on another individual. And the effects can be compounded. The movie repeatedly play the same scenes several times, but at different camera angles and different 'main characters' to illustrate the aforementioned views.The final scene was a letdown to me as the gathering on the rooftop it was rather unrealistic. but overall, not many movies are able to illustrate well the effect when the plot only happened in such a short span of time.

Bill R (it) wrote: Not one of the greatest horrorfest films...not really all that scary. I did like the idea of why the world ended and I could actually forsee something like that happening. Just not the something for horrorfest though. And for those of you who haven't seen Rider Strong....check out Cabin Fever and teh other horrorfest Borderland.

Claire T (us) wrote: I loved this movie, I thought Martin Lawenrence was good and Luke Wilson (Owen Wilson's brother appeared in the film) it was a good movie but I don't want it on DVD, it was an ok movie

Jess L (gb) wrote: Most people shit can this movie but I didn't mind it. Mike Myers stretched his acting legs a bit with this film and is pretty good, but has since shied away from such roles. Still I'd prefer to see him in something like this than Shrek 3, or 4, or 5... Not as good as Boogie Nights, it's a light take on some serious and some not so serious issues. Check it out.

Thomas K (us) wrote: The forgotten gay film taken from the groundbreaking play. Dumped into a handful of theaters and used as proof that gay films don't make money. Well worth seeking out.

Sameen M (jp) wrote: Fantastic documentary about a band that I am very fond of at the moment. The only issue I had with this is that I watch this and Crumb on the evening and can't decide which one was my favorite documentary of all time.

Lloyd Y (jp) wrote: This movie is a classic the scene with the spider is better than the one in lord of the rings by far. Its a must see for fantasy movie lovers. I would much rather watch this than starwars any day!

JY S (mx) wrote: Spanning a period of around 20 years, Friend follows 4 ... well ... friends as they grow up and each choose their paths in life. It is a nice idea that is reminiscent of Stand By Me. In the beginning anyway.The younger years of the 4 friends are the more entertaining parts of the film and it is probably because of the mischievousness of the characters at a young age. The introduction of the characters with the freeze frames is also a nice touch. Slowly by slowly the story eventually becomes more and more bland. By the second half of the film the main focus is only on 2 of the friends, while the other 2 just appear from time to time. Its not that the story is bad, it just needs to be a little more eventful.The violence is somewhat bloody since the 2 characters that the film focuses on in the latter parts deals with Korean gangs. The language is also entertaining, since it gets highly offensive at times.The acting is one of the stronger elements of this picture. Dong-Kun Jang, who is no stranger to big Korean films, and Oh-seong Yu put on good performances. Tae-hwa Seo and Un-taek Jeong are good early, but slowly fade out as the film progresses. Bo-kyeong Kim is the lowly decent sized female character and she lacks the airtime to be anything really important."Friendship" is the key theme with Friend and while this is nothing out of the ordinary, it is a pretty strong film out of Korea. I just think more is needed to make this a more interesting movie.

Ben C (us) wrote: Way better than Final Destination. But I am also more prone to like 80's movies for some reason.

Brian R (us) wrote: Kaleidoscope a Danielle Steel novel is about three sisters who become seperated during their childhood then decades later through the help of a gleamful private eye(Perry King) all three become united again except the older sister doesnt take the reunion lightly. She is played beautifully by Jaclyn Smith. I was in awe when i saw her performance, she knows how to make her character electrifying without going over the top. The other two sister Alexandra(Patricia Kalember) and Megan(Claudia Christian) Alexandra has two kids and is married to a unsympathetic senator and Meagan is a doctor happily married and is trying to have kids. I hope I didn't tell the whole story but for a TV picture I was quite impressed the director Jud Taylor is no stranger to the film camera and hidden pasts.

Brett H (ag) wrote: Trashy grindhouse flick that is one big tease throughout by casting voluptuous women, then skimping out on the nudity. The plot is ridiculous and the only worthwile thing is the gorgeous girls.

Robert B (it) wrote: The movie itself was average at best. The actual story line has potential. However, it is slow and the plot and characters barely develop. Further the ending leaves a lot to be desired.

Linda i (de) wrote: This is a rip off movie.