A man who loves to make "to-do lists" makes one last bucket list when he realizes he is about to die.

A man who loves to make "to-do lists" makes one last bucket list when he realizes he is about to die. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Craig T (jp) wrote: A tough, but valuable and unflinchingly honest, rumination on life in the face of certain (and often undignified) death. The film is an uneasy watch both for that reason and because it hands the viewer nothing, instead forcing us to lean in, piece together scraps and ponder what it all means - right up to an ending you should see coming, but few of us ever seem to. It's brave and worth the watch.

tit m (br) wrote: scenario bien foutu mais ca manque de rythme

John Meg S (br) wrote: This movie is fucking trash

Jon F (mx) wrote: a good film about growing up and getting laid persay

Charlie M (ca) wrote: The joy of this movie is every scene of these two with crackling dialog (written by Quentin Tarantino no less!) as they engage in beefs over chain of command, and philosophical debates about nuclear weapons. The actors have a ball as they go toe-to-toe with their egos overriding the good of a nation. Surrounded by a great supporting cast Viggo Mortensen, James Gandolfini and a cameo from Jason Robards, the film moves at a thrilling pace and is a tense watch. It's directed by Tony Scott, produced by the Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer duo, and so naturally it's filled with intensely colorful lighting, overbearing music and melodramatic shots of a group of workers pausing to look up in a moment of doom. There aren't any circular helicopter shots or an excess of explosions, so it's a subdued outing for these filmmakers.The movie is enjoyable, but somewhat forgettable. The performances are highlight, and the nuclear discussions are interesting to listen to. Something never stated, but quietly hinted at, is the racial tension of having an black man in charge of their ship. This issue would have been pointed out in any movie made today, because Obama.If I were to squeeze a message out of Crimson Tide, it would be about the changing of the guard in the American father figures. While we were once raised by gruff, no-nonsense dads, we've since transitioned into calm, attentive fathers who take feelings into consideration. The question becomes what's the better decision: a pat on the back or a swift kick in the ass?

Cooper C (fr) wrote: While the first two segments are kinda lackluster(this first one is intriguing, until you find out what happened behind the scenes...), but the last two segments are indeed brilliant, plus a nice little end gag that refers to the prologue.

Jeff Z (jp) wrote: There's a lot of bad reviews for the orginal version of this film. I saw the extended version which was what Hal Ashby turned in before the studio cut out 14 minutes. While this is not a great film it is a bizarrely interesting one. Jon Voight wrote the script which allows him to chew the scenery at every turn while Burt Young plays his buddy in one of his best turns outside a "Rocky" movie. As he says about Voight's character, "I think he's wrong but he's my friend. I take the good with the bad." Ann-Margret looks great back in Vegas for the first time since "Viva Las Vegas" and one does get to see young Angelina Jolie, who looks to be about all of five years old here. Also some good shots of Vegas in the early 1980's. One question I did keep asking though: "Didn't Casinos have security back int he 1980's"?

Mette A (it) wrote: Vill scene der pensjonen hentes

Irvin C (gb) wrote: I'm only familiar with giallo through Dario Argento sp his is my first Mario Bava film and it's most certainly won't be the last. This is a genuinely spooky, scary horror/whodunit about a group of fashion models being killed one by one by a faceless killer. The film exudes a genuine creepiness and a foreboding atmosphere thanks to the great production design (those mannequins!) and cinematography. The film is beautiful to look at but scary to watch.

Harpreet S (jp) wrote: The reason I wanted to revisit "Sanjuro" was not just for the sake of having an updated opinion; I wasn't actually planning on seeing it, I instead desired to view some other essential movies I had yet to see. But after "Yojimbo," I watched the trailer of "Sanjuro" and it just ignited me; I had to see it! Not great like its predecessor but still extremely good; it's definitely not as funny and doesn't provide as many layers in its plot as "Yojimbo" did. I am not saying it doesn't stand on its own; it's virtually flawless in terms of cinematography and storytelling, still has a few memorable characters (not to the extent of "Yojimbo"). I was deeply affected by Sanjuro's respect for the two leading women and how they come to change him; in one sequence he slaps the three young samurais for forcing him to kill several men after his plan is spoiled. Toshiro Mifune is obviously the showcase and doesn't disappoint. Nakadai should have had a larger role, he is one of the greatest actors ever; it is unfortunate he always has to play second fiddle to Mifune. It may be an inferior work, but it still shares the same values as the first one. I think it's more simplified; "Yojimbo" on the other hand had some kind of peculiarity. I was just really happy to be part of that world again.

Christopher B (nl) wrote: Better than expected. Very funny at times, definitely worth the watch.