Dating the Enemy

Dating the Enemy

One messy science journalist (Tash) and a neat television host (Brett). Two very different people whose relationship is nose diving to get the opportunity to experience life in their partners shoes when they wake up one morning in each others bodies. Valuable lessons are learned by each as they both have to adjust to very different lives.

A couple wake up one morning to find they have now switched bodies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dating the Enemy torrent reviews

yasminandbell (au) wrote: Svakako jedno do boljih ostvarenja koje uklju?uje djecu. Otvoren, intiman, realan.

Danny C (gb) wrote: This movie was compelling and real.

Shantel D (jp) wrote: This was a good one! It actually kept me guessing. It was fun and sort of creepy at times. The story was pretty thick too - even if it was a little ridiculous..... but that's half the fun of a movie, isn't it?

Carolina A (de) wrote: A movie about life itself: ambitions, love, goals, destiny... jennifer's good performance like always... but, to me, this movie was boring in some scenes like if it repeat the same thing over and over again...

Lacy A (es) wrote: I think the only cool factor about this movie is that I lived four blocks from the bar Mims!

Sophie C (us) wrote: Je l'ai trouv pas hyper convaincant. En fait quand la fin du film est arriv, j'attendais toujours que l'intrigue dmarre. Je suppose que pour les amateurs du genre, c'est bien ralis, car a fait plus docu que film de fiction en fait. On m'avait prvenu qu'il y aurait des scnes un peu "hard", mais de toute vidence, on a pas la mme dfinition de "hard".

Matti N (fr) wrote: not interested not interested. twice.

Carol H (br) wrote: Yet another movie I just couldn't finish. It didn't even feel like a movie. It felt like a series of events that happened to be filmed.