Daughter of the Sun

Daughter of the Sun

Herschell Gordon Lewis and David Friedman collaborated on this nudie classic that features the stunning Rusty Allen as a teacher who must defend herself against the school board after they find her naked in a nudist colony's magazine. Allen argues that the sun is a source of happiness and morality. The institute's lawyer decides to investigate for himself, and soon everyone is swimming, playing volleyball, and more, all sans clothes.

When she is discovered to be a nudist, a school teacher is called before the board of education to defend herself. A young male teacher decides to accompany her to her nudist camp to find ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pablo G (us) wrote: 4/5Jeremy Saulnier is a soon-to-be master, period.

Michael D (jp) wrote: Brilliant first half - the second peters out somewhat and grinds to a end. Worth seeing however.

Deborah W (ru) wrote: This movie is about a sinner getting saved and doing more for God in the midst of trials with a lot prayer and faith...

scott g (au) wrote: A entertaing enough anime animation, as usuall, the look always has something, and under it all a interesting enough story although it dident fully grab me, and not fully sucessful in what what was happening, but there are entertaining moments to enjoy.

Michael R (jp) wrote: Not really bad for this genre of movie.

Geoff D (nl) wrote: Nurses who spend a lot of time getting undressed and seducing anyone in the vacinity, who is then toast, unless they happen to be another nurse that can repeat from step one, could have been a lot better but still it did have lots of semi-dressed nurses

Denise S (br) wrote: I never understand why Adam Sandler flicks get panned so hard. This movie had all the entertainment I need in a movie. Funny, touching, family friendly, and a happy ending, I mean, really. What's not to like? I enjoy watching Sandler work just as much as I like to see Tom Hanks films. Sandler is generally underrated. He's got just a lot of heart and a lot of talent.I can't wait to watch this movie again.

Rev M (it) wrote: I worked at a record store through high school and college (a chain, sadly), this is one of my all time favorite movies. DAMN THE MAN!

Mariel H (mx) wrote: george lopez, you really taught me something.

Diego S (ru) wrote: A very funny film. If you like Brit humour, you will like this one.

Brad G (de) wrote: Decent monster movie centered around the hunt for a mutated astronaut after he returns to earth with the thirst for blood. The monster makeup is fantastic??I love the tarmac skin, that one jelly eye, and the Darth Vader style gasping. The film takes a little while to really get going but once the manhunt is on the film speeds to its conclusion. From the studio that gave you the excellent Fiend Without A Face, this flick is just below par of that creature feature. VF.

James O (ru) wrote: Some great music and a few good laughs make this one of the best Laurel and Hardy shorts.

James H (mx) wrote: Jonathan Demme's tribute to Hitchcock, very much imitating his films, right down to the score. Roy Scheider does a fine job. Janet Margolin however is not strong enough for the role, it would have been much better with another actress. Demme should have cast a typical Hitchcock "cool blonde". Tense and exciting, a well crafted film.

Robert R (ag) wrote: It's amazing that Jennifer Aniston is an A-list star after this.