David & Layla

David & Layla

Inspired by a true story, sparks fly when a Jew and a Muslim fall in love in New York. David (David Moscow), TV host of "Sex & Happiness", becomes smitten with the voluptuous Layla (Shiva Rose) - a mysterious, sensual dancer who turns out to be a refugee. David's reckless pursuit of Layla sets off an unveiling of the similarities and contrasts of their ancient cultures. His lust grows into love as he discovers in stunning Layla a sensitive, intelligent war survivor with a rich culture that echoes his own. But their families are dead set against their unlikely romance. Faced with deportation, Layla must choose.

Star-crossed lovers, David & Layla- Romeo & Juliet in New York with a twist!. Inspired by a true story, a spicy romantic comedy...via Iraq & Jerusalem. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ivy S (br) wrote: nice little movie. daughter loves it. easy to follow

Edson S (it) wrote: An enjoyable funny, ironic romance movie.Also not as predictable -must see

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