While under sedation in a dentist's office, a young art student has sex fantasies about naked women, vampires and a beautiful patient he saw in the office.

While under sedation in a dentist's office, a young art student has sex fantasies about naked women, vampires and a beautiful patient he saw in the office. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (au) wrote: "Glorious 39" starts with Michael(Toby Regbo) interviewing Walter(Christopher Lee) and Oliver(Corin Redgrave), a pair of elderly relatives. Instead of inquiring about his grandmother, Celia(Juno Temple), he wants to know about her sister, Anne(Romola Garai), an actress who disappeared. Before any questions can be answered, a song on the radio transports them all back to a summer evening in 1939 where Anne's father Alexander(Bill Nighy), a respected politician, holds court while Hector(David Tennant) hectors everybody about the state of Nazi Germany. Before long, politically sensitive material is discovered in the garage and Hector winds up dead, an apparent suicide. "Glorious 39" is a handsomely produced movie with a very good cast. That's not to mention the attention to detail, although one has to wonder if they had the technology to surreptitiously record conversations back then. While its lingering pace is not automatically a mark against it, the film is about 30 minutes too long. In fact, if not for the adult material and language, this could pass for a movie of the era which was also a time of great uncertainty, reflected in Anne's suspicions and sense of dislocation. Just remember that nothing is as ever simple as it first seems, nor was 'appeasement,' as Noam Chomsky points out elsewhere that England in 1938 was more worried about the threat posed by the Soviet Union than Nazi Germany.

Clarice C (au) wrote: ZOMBiES+STEVEN SEAGAL=GENiUS!!!

Bruce L (us) wrote: Not as good one would hope given Jessica Lange's talent. It's perfectly ok if you miss this one.

Muffin M (gb) wrote: I own this on Blu-Ray in a two movie pack along with:* Grumpy Old Men (1993)

Matt M (ru) wrote: Unoriginal and with a lame screenplay.

David B (au) wrote: George Plimpton? He might have played Tom Hank's father. A :05 cameo at best. Correct this. Tom Hanks was the lead dog on this one. This is where he met Rita Wilson. And a very, very funny 80s flick. A must-rent if you can find it. A top-of-the-list, nutty post Vietnam, Peace Corps comedy, if you can imagine that. John Candy was nuts, Gedde Wantanbe practically stole the show.

Christopher H (br) wrote: A blaxploitation, kung-fu film, "TNT Jackson" stands up to films like "Jackie Brown", delivering some memorable moments for a film that is only 70 minutes long. "Essentially remade" twice after, the topless karate scene involving Playboy Playmate Jeanne Bell fighting over a light switch is probably the most interesting thing to come out of the film.

gary h (gb) wrote: how the hell have i never seen this before?? dripping with atmosphere, i spent more than half this film on the edge of my seat wondering who the hell the killer was, i'd worked it out about the hour mark then spent the rest of the film thinking no woman get away!!!!! two things i noticed, how well shot the film is, great cinematography and for english people abroad how frustrating is it not to understand the lingo?? no french subtitles leave you in the victims shoes trying to work out what the hell people are upto, a very very clever and effective movie trick, i liked a lot.. this is being remade and i urge anyone who's going to see the remake buy this first. i got it new for 5 off amazon new.. i can't remember the last time i spent so little on such a good film. 10/10 just brilliant

Blake C (gb) wrote: This movie is just Adam Sandler being Adam Sandler. In other words, IT'S BAD! The story doesn't make sense, and the jokes weren't funny.

Noname (nl) wrote: A comedy flick with Owen Wilson which turned out to be quite decent flick actually. He plays a bodyguard for 3 kids at school.. Not much to say about this movie ,, just another average movie.

Mike M (gb) wrote: Interesting look at genetically optimized humans. I don't understand what is in it for Jerome.

Justin B (gb) wrote: It's a little more refined than the average romcom and there are some elements that truly shine; only making me wish this was more.