Day for Night

Day for Night

A committed film director struggles to complete his movie while coping with a myriad of crises, personal and professional, among the cast and crew.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:115 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:French,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A committed film director struggles to complete his movie while coping with a myriad of crises, personal and professional, among the cast and crew. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam H (kr) wrote: bad acting bad plot bad story... just bad

Greg A (ag) wrote: A colossal disappointment with a very misleading title. I thought this movie was a Viagra documentary so I never bothered to check it out at the theater. Sara Jessica Parker helps M. McConaughey get his mojo back without viagra. It also doesn't help that McConoghey is leaning into Parker on the poster just like a flaccid penis. Failure to Launch is exactly right. A viagra documentary would have been worth my time. FALSE ADVERTISING.

Ichigo L (mx) wrote: this is a nice movie give it its true credit

Nicholas S (fr) wrote: Great movie, good clean family fun with an overall educational theme!

Dann M (gb) wrote: Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau are back for more outrageous shenanigans in Grumpier Old Men. When a lovely vixen buys Chuck's old bait shop with plans to turn it into an authentic Italian restaurant Max and John team-up in order to run her out of business. It's a fairly predictable and clichd plot. And the comedy is pretty stereotypical, and hits a lot the same beats as the last film. However, the cast has incredibly good chemistry and is able to make a lot of the joke works. Though it's not quite as good as the original, Grumpier Old Men is still a fun and entertaining slapstick comedy.

John A (de) wrote: Might be like left 4 dead

Alison P (de) wrote: Decent Doris Day film about the underdog triumphing over corporate Goliath. The film is quirky and cute enough to satisfy, but I prefer her work with Rock Hudson in movies like Pillow Talk, which are a little more saucy.

Andrew S (de) wrote: I'm so glad that I discover this movie which i downloaded in my laptop for months and never bothered watching it. I'm pretty sad that how could everyone watched Matrix, Inception, or even the Butterfly Effect but never heard of Dark City ( I was one of them)? Dark City is so underrated that I would even consider of being one of the best mystery/sci-fi movies I've seen so far in my life. I will try my best of not spoiling the plot of this movie because this is one of those mind-bending films. The movie starts off very confusing but interesting which drags you into the main character, John Murdoch, who has lost his memory but we never know how. The movie then leads you to an unexpected journey which reveals to you small clues and patterns that would eventually leads to a complete enigma.I am glad that they chose to set the background around the 1950s to 60s. It makes the perfect atmosphere which makes me associate with Zodiac, which is another great mystery/suspense movie. The vision is stylish and unique even though the whole movie is always dark (as the title). As to the special effects, I love how the director handle his imagination then reflects it into the movie, such as the twisting and moving buildings and the stunning visionary. However, I was quite pulled out a bit once it changes its settings, from suspense to sci-fi, which I somehow find it unrealistic. However, as a whole, the special effects are wonderful for the sake of being the movies produced in the late twentieth century.Another reason I love Dark City so much is its originality. You can actually see many miniatures of suspense masterpieces that were later on produced. I definitely see the Matrix, which was released a year after Dark City, and Inception which was released more than a decade! However, Dark City does have similarities to another movie which was released in 1994 and I'm not gonna spoil it to you. As a whole, Dark City is very confusing but mind-bending, which I guess some people who hated it would say that it's a mess. However, I love how the direction of the movie goes. Because the director sets for the audience to explore the movies by themselves, there are always plot twists for the audience to experience throughout the movie and that's what made it so attracting. It has been so long that I saw a movie as great as Dark City; this movie really gives me chills. It's suspenseful; it's mind-blowing, and absolutely visually stunning (for a movie produced in 1998). I strongly recommend everyone to see this movie; this is one of the best suspense/mystery/ sci-fi movie I've seen. If I'm going to set Dark City on the scale in comparison with other mind-blowing movies, this is nearly as good as the Matrix and Inception (though they have better CGI and stuff), and is even better than The Butterfly Effect, Predestination, Interstellar, Triangle, Cube ,and so on. Please! Everyone go watch this movie even though it looks old and out-of-date just like how I thought before I watched it. I was actually so bored that I was digging from my old files and I glad I did! Dark City definitely worth a try!

MaryEileen R (us) wrote: Anyone who has ever dismissed Ronald Reagan as a "B-movie" actor has only to see him in King's Row to realize that he was perfectly capable of being an "A-movie" actor. In Reagan's case, I do not think that it was a question of mediocre talent but rather of having the right material and the kind of director who could command a superb performance. Sam Wood was one such director, and the 1942 film, based upon Henry Bellaman's novel of the same name, afforded the dramatic setting in which Reagan could shine.Set in a small Missouri town in the early 1900's, King's Row explores many issues which have come to haunt modern times, specifically the power and authority of the medical profession over people's lives. It emphasizes that being a physician is a vocation in which the highest integrity is absolutely indispensable. Without a moral compass, the medical profession is doomed to barbarity.In spite of the idyllic appearance of the town, it is haunted by a sadistic doctor who sees himself ordained to punish sinners, as long as the sinners in question are too poor and obscure to defend themselves. Ronald Reagan portrays "Drake," the charming, lackadaisical rascal of the town, whom the sadist Dr. Gordon (Charles Coburn) chooses to castigate in a particularly grotesque manner. Reagan's interpretation of Drake's response to the horror which befalls him is one of the most powerful moments in classic cinema.Drake is the boyhood friend of the protagonist "Parris," played by Robert Cummings, and the brotherly bond between them is a beautiful portrayal of true friendship. Meanwhile, the neurotic women in their lives bring with them situations fraught with dark secrets, except for Parris' grandmother (Maria Ouspenskaya) and Drake's girlfriend (Ann Sheridan) who bring hope and balance. The Ann Sheridan character "Randy Monaghan" is supposed to be Catholic, and the scene in which she murmurs "O Blessed Mother of God!" is profoundly moving.Ultimately, Parris, who becomes a doctor himself, is faced with a moral dilemma in which he must choose to use his medical credentials to save or to destroy. His new friend, a lovely Viennese girl, leads him to the light, and the darkness which threatens to overwhelm the characters is overcome.