Day Night Day Night

Day Night Day Night

A 19 year-old girl prepares to become a suicide bomber in Times Square. She speaks with no accent so it's impossible to pinpoint her ethnicity. And we never learn why she made her decision. We don't know whom she represents, what she believes in--we only know she believes it absolutely.

A 19-year-old girl prepares to become a suicide bomber in Times Square. She speaks with a nondescript American accent, and it's impossible to pinpoint her ethnicity. We never learn why she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam R (ca) wrote: Lots of nudity and pretty people but nothing else going for it. Worth it? NO

Andrew I (ru) wrote: Kind of like a crazy Japanese version of Donnie Darko, only it makes less sense until the end, when it all suddenly comes together. The "Fish Story" punk song becomes a little annoying after the fiftieth time, but otherwise, this film is never boring and quite amusing in places. The ferry sequence and the clever ending lift this up from being mediocre. 7.5/10

Michelle T (ru) wrote: I liked this movie even though a lot could be cut out. The end was a huge surprise, but kind of far fetched for me. Very suspenseful. Worth renting. Not much gore, but disturbing none the less.

Michael W (kr) wrote: A surprisingly by the numbers slasher film from the master Dario Argento. While not boring the film does nothing to challenge convention or try something that has not been done before. Good cinematography and some signature Argento camera shots are the only thing that save it.

Chris C (ca) wrote: Sick girl is an American independent film written, directed, and produced by Eben McGarr. It stars the wonderful Leslie Andrews and the terrible John McGarr (who also helped in the production). This film is ripe with noticeable dichotomies such as the talent gap between lead actors.First of all the style of this film is just fantastic. It hits you right with the opening title, BAM, you're watching Sick Girl! The film easily and instantly sucks you in. Leslie Andrews, who plays Izzy, gives a fantastic performance and from the start it is hard to take your eyes off her. Andrews gets so deep into her character that you can literally see the craziness twinkling in her eyes, hear the depravity in her voice. This is contrasted by John McGarr's character Barney. He is, physically, such a large and imposing figure in this film, seen first wearing a black biker jacket in a very green setting, and his presence in any scene is palpable. He is a great terrible actor. He captures any scene he is in, can't act for dick, and somehow he works. His bad acting makes him accessible, imparts upon him that sense that he is a giant teddy bear of a man. Every time he speaks though I felt like I was watching a made-for-TV-movie.There are a few particular child actors who do such a terrible job though that scenes in the film suffer from it. At first I thought the violence was underdone as a nod to style, but by the end of the film I realized it was more than likely the poor actors who made the violence in earlier scenes stand out as unbelievable and rushed. And while Leslie Andrews in these scenes can make your skin crawl, the children don't even look like they know they're acting in a film. It draws attention to itself, but luckily most of these scenes are in the first half of the film.The ending is where the magic of this film really comes out. The climax is so powerful and well done that it validates earlier issues of acting and special effects. One's appreciation is definitely enhanced after seeing the ending. A very well told story and one I'm glad I didn't miss.

Karine L (es) wrote: a VERY moving story, I loved it....wANG wAYNE is one of the best for me ;)

Patrick L (gb) wrote: the acting sucked, plot sucked, and only 2 really cool fighting scenes

Arne F (ca) wrote: M berre innrmme at eg har bra sans for desse krigsfilmane fr desse steppeomrda. Her er det Kaszaksthan det handlar om og ei legende som viser seg vere sann. Bra actionbitar og ei bra historie gjer dette til ein grei filmkveld.

Tyler M (ca) wrote: Talking about love is like dancing about architecture. One of those times when all I can say is "WOW". One of the best damned films I've seen ever. The Story: The story actually fits better in the character department, so I'll just take this time to say, this film looks great, it's elegant, it's heartwarming, it's sad, it's charming, it's even a little humorous. This film has so much in it that it's hard to say anything bad about it at all, in fact I don't think I have anything bad to say about it. Yeah, it's that good. The basic outline of the story though is this, 11 characters live and love as their lives unfold in front of the camera. The Cast: Angelina Jolie, Ryan Phillippe, Dennis Quaid, Gena Rowlands, Sean Connery , Gillian Anderson, Jon Stewart, Madeleine Stowe, Ellen Burstyn, Jay Mohr...Ready? It's a long one...Angelina Jolie gives an incredibly powerful performance as Joan, the outgoing club hopper. She spends the film falling in love with Keenan (Ryan Phillippe). Trying to find what makes him tick, trying to figure out why he can't seem to let anyone in. My personal favorite role of hers. Ryan Phillippe, is Keenan. Quiet, poetic, and wrapped in an air of mystery, his story is tragic in so many ways, but to name those ways would give away vital information of the films plot. He plays the part flawlessly, I can't even begin to tell you how well he plaid the part, he's that good. Dennis Quaid is Hugh. He's a complex character, just getting to know him is a task all in itself. Simply put, he's got a lot of issues. Giving a hell of a performance here, it makes you ask yourself "Where the hell was this great acting in The Day After Tomorrow?". Gena Rowland, and Sean Connery share the screen as Paul and Hanna, an old married couple still very much in love, although, they're going through kind of a rough time. They play perfectly together, 'nuff said. Gillian Anderson, has never been more beautiful. She lights up the screen as the cold straight forward Merideth. She doesn't want to fall in love, but finds herself falling anyway for the ever persistent Trent (Jon Stewart). Jon Stewart is of course Trent, trying to win over the heart of the emotionally distant Merideth. It's almost hard to imagine him in anything other than a comedy, but he gives a great performance and was perfectly cast for this part. Very, very impressive work from him. Madeleine Stowe is Gracie, a cheating wife stuck in a loveless marriage. You don't see her outside the bedroom too much here, as her character is a little underused throughout the film. She gives a good performance, not the best of the film, but I sure that if she had some more time on screen that would be different. And last but definitely not least we have, Ellen Burstyn and Jay Mohr. The mother and son in the hospital. Jay Mohr doesn't have a big role here, and he's not the best developed character, but this is still one of his finest performances, as he lays on his death bed talking to his mother. Ellen Burstyn plays his mother, Mildred. You'll feel a solid connection with her the moment you meet her. Once again, she's not the most prominent character in the film but what you do see of her is sheer emotion. Every character in this film is important and you'll see why by the time the credits role. Each viewer is bound to have their favorite character for various reasons, and I honestly think that's what good cinema is all about. One to Five Scale: 5 Superb on all ends. A great elegant style with no flash, a character for everyone to relate to, perfect performances, outstanding writing, and a swift pace to keep you from being bored. DO NOT PASS THIS UP! Tyler

Aj V (au) wrote: This movie is obviously low budget, the actors are bad, and it actually looks a little more like it was made 10 years earlier, but the story wasn't all that bad. It's actually kind of scary, and the back story is interesting enough to keep you watching. Not a bad movie, but not really good either.

visitorQ S (jp) wrote: Dieser zweite, in s/w gedrehte Teil (Der erste kam in Farbe daher) kann nur ansatzweise mit den Erstling mithalten. Die Geschichte wirkt arg konstruiert und ist phasenweise relativ platt, die schauspieler bleiben bis auf Vincent Price alle mehr oder weniger blass und auch wenn der Film schn gefilmt ist, bleibt am Ende nicht viel hngen. Kurz gesagt: Ein zweiter Teil der nicht ntig gewesen wre... Ich empfehle das Original oder das grandiose Cronenberg Remake (Eines der besten Remakes berhaupt!), bis auf Herrn Price hat Return of the fly nmlich so gut wie nichts zu bieten. 2,5/5

James H (de) wrote: 68/100. Good thriller, very suspenseful and the acting is good by Dana Andrews and Linda Darnell. Sterling Hayden is a bit extreme though. The score is good, the pacing is excellent. But even though it is a serious movie, you can't help but snicker at the scenes that "Airplane!" copied so hilariously well 23 years later. I kept expecting Stephen Stucker to jump out with a hysterically funny one liner!

Lisa D (jp) wrote: wild ride of hilarity and angst

Gabriel O (mx) wrote: Cold (but not cool) indifferent episode I from a new franchise. I expect a lot from its second part. Anyway, even though I've got the point that this film is just a preparation, and even though I do understand they have deliberately opened all the mysteries for a huge fan-blowing purpose in the future, i'm still not convinced about this film as an individual piece. Entertaining. Interesting. Better tone than Raimi's version, but poorer. Not even Morlun (yes, it WAS Morlun) cameo after the credits fixed it. After watching this film I had the feeling that I had seen a plotless trailer. Anyway, it was exciting to see the new realistic atmosphere, and Garfield is a hundred times better than McGuire.