A tale of near Biblical proportions, telling the story of Dayavan, a heroic do-gooder who dedicates his life to helping those less fortunate then himself.

A tale of near Biblical proportions, telling the story of Dayavan, a heroic do-gooder who dedicates his life to helping those less fortunate then himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daisy O (it) wrote: I was confused during this movie and only watched about half of it before I gave up. It was nice to see Bradley Cooper, Hayden Christensen and Anton Yelchin though.

Donel L (fr) wrote: You like action. You'll like this movie!

Mario J (gb) wrote: Me esperaba mucho ms, en cierto modo me decepcion, es una pelcula abstracta y algo aburrida. 5/10

Bavon W (fr) wrote: Never becomes more than a holiday gag film featuring the characters from Friday. That still makes it some what funny.

Paul K (ru) wrote: A well done realist view - as opposed to one that is moralistic, romantic, seductive, fantastic, or dramatic (as, say, the movie Erotica was) - of the depressing smoke-filled darkness of the world of the lounge lizard and the go-(almost)-nowhere life of a stripper. How necessarily refreshing was the sunrise in the closing scene. Curiously enough, the true atmosphere is entirely missing from the trailer, even down to the deletion of a particularly telling end of the line in one of Sandra Oh's character's poems (which are REALLY GOOD poems). The credits state that the movie was a project of improvisations developed by the actors themselves, which is pretty amazing. It's a great cast, and they carry the vaguely nihilistic tension through to the end, never allowing it to go over the edge, but also never allowing it to see the light of day. Definitely not a movie to make you feel good about life, but a very good, thoughtful movie nonetheless.

Todd S (br) wrote: In recent years, supernatural horror has become about gore and jump scares, these movies aren't scary anymore! Paranormal Activity, The Grudge, The Ring, are you kidding me?! Those movies were terrible! They don't make movies like Stir of Echoes anymore, this is a supernatural thriller, that was truly unsettling and creepy, the kind of film that defines what supernatural horror should be. Tom & Maggie are celebrating moving into a new house, and as the party is winding down, Maggie's sister claims to know something about the supernatural. Tom (Kevin Bacon) is a complete skeptic, so she offers to hypnotize him and see what happens. Reluctantly Tom agrees and after seeing some strange flashes, Tom wakes up unsettled but still a non-believer. Over the next few weeks, Tom continues to see strange images of a girl asking for his help and believes his sister in-law messed with his mind somehow. Once convinced that she had nothing to do with it, Tom decides to investigate and try to find out, who this girl is and why she's asking for help. This movie is truly scary because depending on what you believe in, this could be 100% real. Kevin Bacon is one of those actors who when he is in the right role is better than anyone, and this role is perfect for him. Bacon had me on the edge of my seat and it seemed as thou this movie just flew by. I wanted to know who this girl was and what happened to her just as much as he did. As for the paranormal stuff, it wasn't bloody, gory, and out of nowhere but it was just as creepy. This is the kind of film that left you jittery and uneasy for hours afterwards, the definitive horror movie. Bad reviews had me skeptical, but I am a skeptic no longer, Stir of Echoes will most definitely be included in my next Halloween movie marathon!

Theo W (de) wrote: Mulan is good because it's adventure-packed, funny, and heartfelt. Mulan is truly great because it handles the topic of gender roles nearly flawlessly, coming across as neither arrogant nor disrespectful. Mulan may not be a princess, but this film is Disney royalty.

Addison P (ru) wrote: Personally I didnt like it, it didnt stick to the old rules of Vampirism as much as it should have. And yes a vampire can be slain, it had an interesting twist at the end. But it was to boring and slow as the movie progressed.

Jason D (gb) wrote: Based on the book (which is pretty good) by John Russo and directed by none other than Bill Hinzman (the cemetery zombie from the original Night of the Living Dead) who did this film before the ultra-gory, ultra-80's cheesetastic Flesheater movie. The Majorettes is about a small town pep squad filled with a bunch of hot sexy girls who get naked alot and are peeped on by the creepy, retarded janitor. Sure enough, each girl starts dying one-by-one, usually by way of throat slashing and in water in order to cleanse their souls. Oh boy, another religious killer contradicting himself. Gee, thanks God and Jesus. Anyways, what sets this apart from other 80's slasher flicks is the bad acting. Let me be clearer, while most of the classics we know and love have bad acting in them, this one goes WAY beyond bad acting. Still, though, this wound up being a lot of fun, especially in the last 30 minutes when all hell breaks loose including the main villain being revealed early to flesh out a sinister subplot to the story and a huge WTF (!!!) moment when the supporting male lead jock boy goes Rambo and takes out an entire gang via machine gun and shirtless (definitely a laugh-out-loud moment)!!! The film winds up ending on a VERY bleak and grim ending, which was nice. Low on blood, high body count, plenty of titties abound. Overall, if you can get's past the cheese acting, this is actually a pretty damn good flick!

John A (ag) wrote: Michael Grais & Mark Victor co-wrote & produced this sequel to the successful supernatural thriller they co-wrote with Steven Spielberg. Based roughly a year after the events in the previous chapter, a grave has been discovered underneath the indian graveyard, that caused the hauntings in the first film. Because of Carol Anne's previous trip to the other side, an evil manifestation known as the beast has taken the form of the Reverend Kane (One of the dead in the aincient grave), & wants to take Carol Anne back to the other side. With striking visuals, a good solid script and a returning cast giving decent performances this is a mediocre sequel, that has some effective atmospheric scenes.

Christopher S (au) wrote: Sleazy 80s crime thriller from director Gary Sherman is made modestly entertaining by its sheer cornball energy. The performances are laughable, but a few moments of offbeat originality and an overripe atmosphere of corruption makes it decent entertainment for B-movie fans.

FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: 77%Drink of choice: Johnny Walker

Tanner B (us) wrote: The Eiger Sanction (1975) ? 1/2Excruciating action/adventure film about Eastwood's trails in mountain-climbing to solve the mysteries of a murdered friend (sort of a take on James Bond). An exciting climax on mountain cannot redeem laughable movie. But even at 128 minutes, the laughs begin to subside. You know you're in trouble when George Kennedy isn't even amusing.

William L (ca) wrote: I missed it at movies bought it and a good little addition good story acting good as well

Neil G (ag) wrote: i so love this film the story from top to bottom is just quality twist after twist "When life gets too hard I turn to God" The best quote ever of any film

Brandon S (mx) wrote: Fun, frank, and consistently watchable. For all its narrative flaws, this is a truly entertaining road comedy.

Kristina K (ag) wrote: If you're looking for a movie with great character development, this is one of them. Although slow at times and not surprising - it is a great movie. Sexeh too!