Days Like This

Days Like This

Vaccuum salesman Evert makes the rounds in a suburban Stockholm apartment building, getting brief glimpses of the various tenants' lives. During the course of the day, he meets an arguing married couple, a lonely older woman and a younger couple preparing an anxious dinner.

The tenants in a building are constantly busy with straightening out their lives. In the midst of all a vacuum cleaner salesman appears that instead of selling his goods he start to listen ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliabeth T (br) wrote: This is just such a great movie. Nothing like a true story to make you laugh, cry and think. The characters were all great and I thought the whole Bryan Adams thing was hilarious. Kind of sad to think that the mentally are treated in such a manner though.

Mike M (ag) wrote: This film was fantastic, fresh, original and well-done. This film is an interesting blend of spaghetti western (by way of Jodorowsky) and chop-socky kung-fu films. The score is reminiscent of the work of Ennio Morricone and some of the visual style is surreal and seems to echo "El Topo". The fight scenes are well done, though they do employ some over-the-top cartoon gore. There are novel weapons, including a claw-handed cane/sword and spur-like knives. It is not an incredibly original story, drawing as it does from "Star Wars" and others, but it is interestingly operatic, which again is well-supported by a wonderful score. Do not expect a lot of depth, but do expect to be entertained, and, at times, even awed.

Heather M (ca) wrote: Cute and adorable. Just don't watch it unless you are ready to feel like a teenage girl!

Cheska U (us) wrote: I always wonder what is like to be a daughter of poets since I'm taking a writing course and almost all of my professors are poets! And if you are curious like I am, this is a film that you could watch. I know not all children of poets have this kind of sad life but this is an example and it's part of reality. But what's important that it has lessons. I liked it. It's boring but that's part of the story and the realization at the end and it's good. Zooey Deschanel is definitely always a great actress. 6/10.

Curt C (jp) wrote: After watching RL, I checked out some other reviews that mostly described this film as Hitchcockian. Here is the difference: Hitchcock would build tension and suspense throughout the film to the point that you were moved closer to the edge of your seat as the film progressed. One is never quite certain how things will proceed.Kahn creates a film that just filled me with a different sort of tension; annoyance. This is a lot of "build" for very little payoff, and by the time the payoff occurs I was more annoyed at the movie than on the edge of my seat. The constant driving just frustrated me even further.I promised myself I wouldn't forget how painful the first 30 minutes were, no matter how things turned out after that. Indeed, while RL clocks in at 100 minutes it feels more like three hours.

Rawballs B (kr) wrote: The movie that my parents thought I was watching porno...

SIndy Y (it) wrote: although quite mo liu, I think this is quite entertaining. Esp love anita mui's performance. No one can really replace her.

Cristina R (ag) wrote: I just re-watched this movie today. I still love it. It's not perfect but its very enjoyable.

Joel C (ca) wrote: Eh it's okay, not bad not great. 2 and a half stars.

mylene R (gb) wrote: very sad movie. liked it a lot

Wes G (au) wrote: The only entertainment came in my amazement that such a douche bag could actually get all those dates and that he married one of the hottest ones.

slim c (br) wrote: this was um.....juicy

Orlok W (gb) wrote: A sublime fusion of sickening grotesquerie and sentimental clowning... Inventive, stylish and darkly amusing--A surrealistic black comedy centered in a post apocalyptic world... A fiendish delight & A great oddity!!

Jay T (br) wrote: Was flipping through an old 'Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide' I keep in the bathroom for special ocasions and came across the entry for this one- sounds awesome what. Kung Fu Vampires vs Peter Cushing.

David G (fr) wrote: One of the great cowboy movies.

John A (us) wrote: Hitchcock Is At It Again, In This Witty Mystery Drama. The Film See's Hitchcock Favorite Grace Kelly Star As A Society Woman Around Whom Jealous Husband Tom (Ray Milland) Arranges The Perfect Murder. Thanks To A Well-Placed Pair Of Scissors, The Tables Are Turned And Milland's Carefully Laid Plans Begin To Disintegrate. The Film Is A Battle Of Wits Which Works Very Effectively. A Classic In Suspense From The Master Of Suspense.

Kenny V (ca) wrote: Brilliant. Walter Huston is so good.

Ricardo B (fr) wrote: Good movie even with the added dramatic scenes that are not in the Bible

Brian A (es) wrote: Another film with an all-star cast that obviously relied on its all-star cast. The title fits, this movie was "expendable."