Days of Jesse James

Days of Jesse James

Days of Jesse James is a 1939 American film directed by Joseph Kane and starring Roy Rogers. Bank robbery pulled off by the bank officials, not the usual James gang.

Bank robbery pulled off by the bank officials, not the usual James gang. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon V (ru) wrote: A comedy whose wits and clever attempts at subversion are met with equal parts formula and predictability. Thankfully the charming performances make the laughs bigger and the "heart" a little less goopy.

Dan B (nl) wrote: Gritty documentary about Santa Cruz surfers in the 80s/90s. I enjoyed it all apart from the supposal 'Godfather' character who appeared be nothing more than a violent egomaniac who was also a bit decent at charging big waves. Some of the narration is a bit lame too I suppose but you get over it as the stories of Flea, Ratboy and Barney are worth hearing.

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David F (au) wrote: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: This is a very important film that every American should see to better appreciate what we take for granted.

Noel E (ca) wrote: The girl from heroes!!

Kendra F (nl) wrote: In the cast you have listed Boris Leskin as Jonathon's grandfather when he is actually Alex's grandfather

Sean R (gb) wrote: Girls & one on one fights. What's not to love?

Lucas M (de) wrote: One of the best films by Michael Mann.

Lana N (ca) wrote: Lisa Kudrow!! Woohoo. Movie night anyone?

Julie C (fr) wrote: This is a kind of cheesy movie...but it's ok.

J M (nl) wrote: Schatzberg is so slick. A nice role for Reeve, backed up with some powerful work by Freeman especially, but also Baker. Toss in a kick ass Robert Irving III soundtrack and you're right back in late 80s NYC.

George I (ca) wrote: Fascinating, though disjointed, and abrupt of ending. Micheaux is a much better filmmaker than historians have given him credit for. I've only seen this one film, and perhaps I speaketh too sooneth.

Logan M (fr) wrote: Excellent visuals, but "Twixt" is too underdeveloped and uninteresting to be even remotely creepy.