Days Of Wine And Roses

Days Of Wine And Roses

An alcoholic falls in love with and gets married to a young woman, whom he systematically addicts to booze so they can share his "passion" together.

An interesting film about love: A an alcoholic falls in love with a young woman. He tries to addict her to booze to become an alcoholic like him. What will happen to their love when the only one thing the two have in common is the pasion with alcohol? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kara H (ag) wrote: So many lessons and reminders of things we take for granted. The interesting part to me is how people in poverty cannot afford more than tortillas and salt to feed their kids so therefore these kids do not even have energy to play. That says a lot about how we eat and lack nutrition even in our own country. Everyone is always tired and it goes so beyond working all the time. They have so little generosity is overwhelming. People see it so much differently and it appears much more common to these guys. Much more touching of the documentary than you would imagine ?? it's all in the details. Watch it.

Belle C (mx) wrote: Bloated and nonsensical script with wooden acting from Quaid, horrible costume designs for female actor - of course - Just a silly waste of viewing time.

Andrei D (mx) wrote: Are niste bucati care nu isi gasesc locul, altfel curajos si dur

arooba k (kr) wrote: oh god i hate this movie

Matt R (us) wrote: The eye-popping animation provides great eye candy, but the momentum is crippled by disjointed storytelling. The result is a film whose individual parts are greater than the whole.

Jeremy S (nl) wrote: My fav movie of all time baby!

Irvin C (au) wrote: This film is about British soldiers at a Japanese POW camp during World War II. But it's not "Bridge on the River Kwai". This one's more of a study on cultural clashes between two very different groups of people as well as a character study. I was fairly surprised that Nagisa Oshima didn't let his own people off the hook by portraying the Japanese soldiers in a negative light at times. The film's imperfect but the performances are great (David Bowie should really act more) and the humane ending makes it worthwhile.

jesse k (de) wrote: Attica, Attica, Attica. The best part is when Sal gets plugged in the head at the end.

Debra B (it) wrote: well since I am an Elvis fan can't rate this except on the good side.

Tim L (it) wrote: Truly remarkable for it's time and a real landmark in film history. It suffers from the same melodrama style that dates Metropolis in some way, but once you get over this and watch it for what it is, a film that has stood the test of time over the last 86 years(!) you can see why this is in many ways the most iconic vampire film. The use of shadows and dark are both particularly effective, and I'm glad I finally got to see it.

Shane D (it) wrote: Russians with distinctly English accents only made this WWII tale more confusing. An interesting dual between Law and Harris and some nice moments between Law and Weisz but otherwise a bit drab. Hoskins in a pretty decent cameo role too.

alex f (gb) wrote: driver was the wrong choice for the lead in this... if they'd gone with a rougher cast and stuck more to the kids stories than highlighting awkward teacher/student relationship then this could of been a great indie flick.

Steve D (fr) wrote: Yes this is not a fast Jason Bourne movie. This one takes time to reveal each layer, but the wait is well worth it. A wonderful movie. deeply moving.