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De avonden


The dark, odd humor of Frits, a somewhat lost young man in his early 20s, who still lives at home and can't seem to make the leap to full adulthood is appealing, with a undertone of sadness. And the film shares his vaguely surreal, blackly comedic outlook. His mantra; "Things are bad. Otherwise I'm fine." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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hugh l (fr) wrote: B thought this film was amazing

James O (us) wrote: In its own right this is a very decent Western but naturally it'll be compared to its predecessor which was an all time classic. I enjoyed it though.

corey m (ag) wrote: I used to think this movie was pretty awful; but then i watched Chronicle and realized how much this sad, predictable, cliched actioner, that without it's stars would have been lucky to be a syfy channel original movie; is not so bad. The hubris of David and the lack of any back story to Roland (Samuel L. Jackson) character or his international team of goons make this film a waste of time. BUT! But, there are so many films worse than this I had to give it a two out of five. It's bad, but it's worse; good?

P D (ca) wrote: Key to understanding this documentary is that prostitution is "illegal" in Thailand. Pla, a young female "barmaid" working in a Bangkok bar, that's "only 19" touched the filmmaker's "life" so he made a "documentary" about her. He believes she's not in "the game", he is not sure, so he follows her around with a camera for several months. The filmmaker may be deliberately naive or dishonest about what is going on with himself and Pla that it invites viewers to formulate their own conclusions/criticisms which is perhaps the film's best attribute. The Bangkok scenery is also of interest, as it shows the red light districts, sky train, Chaopraya River and Wat Arun in the background. Variants of prostitution have been in Thailand for centuries, and it is also available and common for non-farang(white westerners), which was not even mentioned. What is admirable is Pla's ability to persevere with a seemingly positive attitude amidst the hardships in her life. Contrary to the filmmaker's ending, it seems more likely that she grew tired of the filmmaker and no longer wanted a negative aspect of her life to be captured on film and thus went incommunicado. As a documentary it's incomplete and naive, and overall serves better as a travelogue to Bangkok nightlife.

Austen B (kr) wrote: why do I suspect this movie will suck? acting perhaps?

James H (fr) wrote: In my opinion Ratatouille is the most underrated Pixar film. For me, it is right up there with Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles but yet no one talks about it with those films. Ratatouille has an inspiring message of "anyone can cook", (or anyone can be whatever they dream to be) and don't judge a book by its cover. That sounds like two clich life lessons but Brad Bird tells it in such an abstract way. The gorgeous backdrop of Paris and the beautiful French song Le Festin along with the score make this genuinely heart-warming and inspiring. Kids enjoy the adventure but adults enjoy the deeper meaning.

irene c (ag) wrote: cute comedy about a man who is rich, wife decides to leave him, and for him not to lose his shirt he has to help his gardener with his sister and immigration. it is a very cute comedy and barbara eden has a small supportive role.

Nicki S (ca) wrote: I remember watching this when I was a kid!

frederator d (ca) wrote: This is one Taxi you won't want to get in!

Private U (au) wrote: jlg is still hilarious

Alex K (it) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Alex r (ca) wrote: this is a fairly entertaining cheesy 80s rock flick. does have some pretty damn cool special effects to go along with it. the music kinda sucked but its a fun movie to watch none the less

Karen E (de) wrote: Hilarious look at schooling in Japan, family dynamics and the differing roles the children play in the household.

Francis P (it) wrote: An absolute UFO, this movie makes a magnificent use of the four main actors (Bowie, Conti, Kitano, Sakamoto), dialogs are terrific, and the music alone suffices to put it in a class by itself. Not sure everybody can love this movie because he's so far from classical war prisonners movies, but you won't guess your reaction without trying. Probably the best movie featuring Bowie.

Anthony E (ca) wrote: Fun characters, enjoyable scenes, and with a twist towards the end for those who are not fond of the book adaptation, Murder on the Orient Express makes for a great detective-type film from the original source material.

Tasos L (ag) wrote: classic.. awesome...!!!!!!!!!