De Cara Limpa

De Cara Limpa

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Salim G (mx) wrote: No it really has nothing to do with the first. Different story but interesting murder horror attempt by indian cinema. Did like the ending, but very slow movie.

tina k (it) wrote: great movie you..;)

Bivo M (kr) wrote: This film follows the drama of stampeding last-minute Christmas shoppers as they fight over a limited and very popular not-Iron Man doll. It establishes a world where dads must prove their love and worth by pulling off this one crucial gift-giving gesture. Which dad will pull it off and be the best: Sinbad's disgruntled postal worker cliche, Phil Hartman's best Ned Flanders post-Maude impression, or Arnold Schwarzenegger's confusingly buff white collar work-a-holic dad impression? Which bratty 90s child even deserves this doll? Amid all the shopping chaos, this film raises the question, what have we become? Then instead of answering it, more chaos ensues, and then it raises another question, what has become of this film? In the end, you'll be too exhausted to care and too enamored with Schwarzenegger's awkward face acing and flawless delivery.Tagline: How far will you jingle?

Brad S (ca) wrote: I first saw this as a kid and it stuck with me, I finally re-watched it after wanting to for many years. It is an interesting story, and is "based on a true story" about I white boy taken by a tribe in the Amazon Rain forest. Powers booth is the father who never stops searching for his lost son and the director's son, Charlie Boorman plays the teenage version of the boy. I found the film somewhat flawed, but ultimately enjoyable. For me, Charlie Boorman was a weak link, but most others seem to enjoy his performances. The film is definitely worth a watch though.

Stuart K (ca) wrote: From Roman Polanski, made shortly after his scandal, he decided to adapt Thomas Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles. All done in France, as he couldn't set foot in the UK, but it works and it has an engaging cast and beautifully shot, with a good lead performance too. It makes for a good classical adaptation. Set in Dorset in the late 19th Century, it has simple farmer John Durbeyfield (John Collin) discovering he is decended from a wealthy family called d'Urberville. He sends his oldest daughter Tess (Nastassja Kinski) out to offer her services to the d'Urberville family, who accept her, and her cousin Alec Stokes-d'Urberville (Leigh Lawson) falls for her and seduces her, but it turns out they bought the title of d'Urberville. So, Tess leaves, and works on a dairy farm, and falls for young farmer Angel Clare (Peter Firth), they marry, but Tess confesses to her encounter with Alec, Angel leaves Tess, and the past comes back to haunt Tess, after a chance encounter with Alec again, who tries to seduce her once again. It's a gloriously romantic film, and it's running time flies by. Polanski recreates a world long forgotten, and the Oscar-winning cinematography by Ghislain Cloquet and Geoffrey Unsworth is just beautiful, and Kinski's Tess is a damaged girl, and one you feel sorry for.

David S (de) wrote: I really loved this movie - but then I am sucker for John Woo's films. Another one to add to my collection of good gangster movies - this one out of Shanghai China

Ed Q (fr) wrote: Extraordinary visuals and innovative storytelling enhance a rather trivial narrative.

Patrick C (ru) wrote: Love the cast. Well worth watching for that alone