De Dhakka

De Dhakka

A family traveling from Kolhapur to Mumbai will face many ups and down before they reach their destination.

A family traveling from Kolhapur to Mumbai will face many ups and down before they reach their destination. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Irene S (kr) wrote: cute romantic drama about a bitter man who's life changes when his son comes home with a daughter for him to take care off while the son goes to jail and also trying to sell his beloved home at an extraordinary price but at the end all comes together !!!

Wade H (ag) wrote: WOW! Raimi should stick to what he does best, making scary as hell horror films!!!!!!!!1

Jamie C (mx) wrote: Liked this film more than I should of, Maybe critics were a bit harsh, Maybe the run time and the silly plot may have something to do with it too.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Looks like it could be a good movie, will keep my eyes peeled.

Nathen B (au) wrote: Ryan Phillipe.....awesome

Corpse M (fr) wrote: better than i was expecting. Good hood/prison movie.

Margrethe J (ru) wrote: Tragisk fra ende til annen. Du sitter igjen mlls og trist..

Robert I (es) wrote: Pamela Springsteen is so hot! Well, cute and perky. She makes a GREAT killer. I love her! A fairly generic slasher film, but Pam makes it feel fresh.

Stuart R (us) wrote: Sunny & silly 60s detective movie. Everything is fairly routine and while entertaining, it doesn't really stay with you much.

Michael R (es) wrote: Elegant artsy film about a dissolute gangster (zzz I know) who is bored with life who meets a crazed but cute gambler chick who is so cynical she needs harder thrills. She progresses from bigger stakes to heroin to enjoying watching the bored gangster kill someone, then while he is in jail she needs even bigger thrills so the psycho boy kills her. The bored guy is poised between anguish and existential posing. Yes it's all about posing. Some really stupid popular directors get off on this poseur cinema but what is really being told is the story of those who extinguish their own life, believing their ego is a god. Being bad holds a glamor for those rotting on their own vine, like your friend who wont give up smoking cuz he's such a badass, but when cancer hits he won't be so hardass anymore. All debts come due and there is no escape from the pain machine when we actively worship it instead of grow free of it. Negativity feeds on souls. Does this movie understand this or just bask in coolness? Sort of in between. Some ppl can relate to falling for unstable ppl for a time. You always pay for it later.

Fong K (ca) wrote: Franois Truffaut's celebrated adaption of autobiographical novel by Henri-Pierre Roch about a bizarre love triangle with a free-spirited femme fatale dazzles with nifty camera work and inventive narrative. Notwithstanding, it is French cinema of an acquired taste.

Pete G (ru) wrote: Abit weird but it was a good watch