De force

De force


Following a series of unsolved robberies, the authorities decide to give carte blanche to commander Clara Damico to neutralize a particularly organized gang. Manual Makarov, a well-known figure in organized crime, is currently serving a sentence of twelve years in prison. Commander Damico promises him freedom in exchange for his cooperation. He refuses. There is no other solution, she is obliged to compel him by force. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rajesh R (mx) wrote: good message for youth powerful performance from pawan

Matt M (mx) wrote: Funny if your a gamer but nothing special

Wahida K (ca) wrote: This Movie isnt a Horror Movie its Thriller. The plot and interview give that impression, but sometimes I guess people have to watch the Movie without huge expections. I pretty enjoyed the Movie. Agreed it was massed up at first, but when I began to figure out I enjoyed it over all. Yes fear the Fear itself. Tom Sizemore I always suspect him in every movie. lol

Adam B (es) wrote: He Man seemed to be the big adventure cartoon for boys of the time, so why not introduce his heretofore unknown sister and get ther girls in on it? She Ra, for what it was, a marketing tool, wasn't half bad as a cartoon fantasy. The classic idea of finding a lost sibling who happens to be very much like the brother is somehow touching at times. The story was well thought out, on a level better than the series, but then they made a cartoon from this. That wasn't so great.

jonh s (kr) wrote: this is a grat film lol

Aj V (nl) wrote: An interesting vampire movie from Rollin, not good, not bad, just interesting. It's atmospheric and exotic like most of his work. The story is mysterious and a bit confusing too. Overall, it's an okay movie.

bonk c (jp) wrote: a fun sunday afternoon movie easy to sit down and watch with some amazing action scene's

Alessandro F (kr) wrote: This movie is a masterpiece. Not many films depict war in a raw and emotional way as Platoon does. Oliver Stone's direction is flawless, packed with memorable and thought-provoking moments that remind us about the dehumanising power of war and in particular its meaninglessness. The use of Barber's 'Adagio for Strings' in many key scenes, together with spot-on performances by its three leads, creates a moving work of art that's sure to hit deep. Definitely a must see and a personal favorite.

sami y (gb) wrote: oh man this movie makes me happy! Super over the top gory! and it's about friendship aaaawww cute yaaaay! And also Metal! It's just a fun good time movie. Not ok for kids. They need to hurry the F up with the sequel!

Paul P (es) wrote: Doesn't try to be anything more than another period piece--even when the life of Jane Austen is inspiring enough to make a film for the ages.