De kus

De kus

Sarah, a beautiful and gifted 15-year-old from a wealthy but chaotic family, holds on to one dream: to run away from home and to become a professional ballet dancer.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Dutch
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   fight,   dancing,  

Sarah, a beautiful and gifted 15-year-old from a wealthy but chaotic family, holds on to one dream: to run away from home and to become a professional ballet dancer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alyssa H (gb) wrote: If you're a fan of the Purge series, then this one's just as good as any other. That's also where the problem lies. It's just like the others. If you've seen one you've seen them all. Also *spoiler* the girl throwing a fit because she got caught stealing a candy bar irritated me enough to dislike a lot of the movie. I wouldn't waste money on this one. Stick to the first and you'll be good.

Kat S (es) wrote: Oh its bad... but I did laugh a little... still bad

Gavin P (br) wrote: Finally got around to buying this. Great stuff - considering I saw him perform this show when I was in America back in 2008 - just a little more polished here. Some good stories and it all works because he's so energetic & happy - especially the Kanye & R. Kelly stories - that he easily pulls it off. I just hope that with Parks & Recreation (even though it & Tom are awesome) and his movies coming out that he doesn't ever stop doing his stand-up...

Jason A (br) wrote: Powerful docudrama about the (literally) underground pop music scene in Tehran. Narratively ragged but important and meaningful.

J K (es) wrote: Is this Bollywood or is this South African cinema? Too much confusion = not going to watch it.

Shaun B (gb) wrote: It's a decent and entertaining (on the most basic of levels) suspense/thriller that has a slow start but good reveal and ending (although fairly obvious) along with some twists and turns that are good but not good enough. It's been done before and been done much better.

Octavian (br) wrote: Boycott, proceeds funds homophobic lobbying.

Arthuro M (es) wrote: Malgr quelques longueurs, l'histoire est plutt intressante. On regrette quelques lieux communs ou clichs et les errements de la ralisation au milieu de scnes de combat bien fichues. Cela reste un film comme on n'en voit pas souvent, et ce titre, mrite qu'on s'y attarde.

Mara B (jp) wrote: I haven't seen the stage play but, from what I hear, it's way better. These are not some of Rogers and Hammersteins' best songs and the movie got very tedious. Stunning sets and Mitzi Gayner's dymamic performance are the only redeeming qualities.

Greg R (it) wrote: Seth Rogan is not good for a lead role. The movie had clever material, and was funny, but just seemed to drag sometimes.

Stephanie A (ag) wrote: If you have read the novel as I have, you will be incredibly disappointed watching this dreadful movie. Firstly, the child acting was horrific. I feel a little harsh bashing young actors but come on! Sophie Nlisse was emotionless and just god awful. Both her and Nico Liersch sounded as if they were reading straight from the script. (SPOILER) When Liesel's family and friends die, the girl barley cried. I didn't feel her agony, her pain, her fear.. but when reading the novel I couldn't stop crying. Also, the voice of death sounded like this should have been a Disney movie. In the novel, death is telling the story with such magnificent and touching words. You only heard death speak in the movie just a few times which was quite annoying and interruptive. Lastly, at the end when everyone dies, no one is bleeding, no one has injuries, they died without so much as dirt on their faces. God, it was incredibly unrealistic and dreadful to watch. If you enjoyed the novel as much as I did and save yourself the disappointment. Throughout the whole movie I kept checking my clock to see how much longer I would have to sit through this misery. This movie barley describes WWII let alone the Holocaust .Terrible directing, terrible acting, terrible movie.

MF J (fr) wrote: A good one! Not his best cop movie but definitely one to go for! quite sexy & smart this thriller is blessed with a great cast & some really interesting ideas!

Antti K (nl) wrote: A western in a different landscape. Instead of dry desert vistas the scenery is covered knee-deep in snow. Actually a bit boring but the grueling last third of the story makes it worth watching.

Eric P (us) wrote: CGI wasn't ready for this yet. Neither was my time.