De Nuremberg à Nuremberg

De Nuremberg à Nuremberg

Documentaire sur la Seconde Guerre mondiale

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De Nuremberg à Nuremberg torrent reviews

Paul S (es) wrote: I enjoyed seeing this once, but overall it was pretty weak and shallow. The fight scenes were fun. I like Keanu Reeves and Tiger Hu Chen was great in his respective role, but I just wasn't feeling it. I can't help but feel the mode of the way the asian people were speaking to each other was just written from an english writer who is clueless. I don't blame Keanu Reeves for this movie as a disappointment. I just think the whole project was a lame one.

Becky D (ag) wrote: This is my favorite film, I absolutely adore it! Yes, it's cheesy but it's a great story that doesn't take a lot of attention to watch and it's very funny. I really recommend it

Bryan K (us) wrote: Had it's moments but just wasn't enjoyable.

Andrew D (nl) wrote: Some overacting but generally a vivid portrayal of some of the agonies of war. A bit of a tear jerker to be honest. I didn't know much about the Korean war so I learned something about that.

Mark S (mx) wrote: recommended by Tuco.

Patrick W (ag) wrote: Maybe the shittiest movie I've ever seen

Maryse L (ag) wrote: Dans mon top ten de tous les temps! Un film de fiiiilles que seuls les gars avec un yin trs dvelopp peut comprendre!!! Scnario original, dbut un peu surraliste, histoire attachante, un peu d'humour et fin tragique. Trame sonore adorable!

alex f (ru) wrote: a good selection of paradies and jokes... jefferey johns will always represent evil in 80/90's hollywood... classic early 90's movie with 80's ideals and 90's technology.

JaLaaiyah G (br) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!

Giorgos T (us) wrote: Disappointing, even though the acting is good and the central idea interesting.

Raelene L (it) wrote: Some really great parts. I particularly loved the parts when Godard would whisper into our ears about life and everything philosophical over pictures of trees in the wind, cars driving by, and other considerably relevant things...

Mehreen H (br) wrote: What could have been a sappy man and dog movie rescued by a fantastic cast of huskies and amazing cinematography. Someone remind me not to watch movies in which dogs die again please :(.

Tom H (ag) wrote: Vigorous stunt man Sonny Hooper gives his all in a stunt. but the physical strains are beginning to take its toll on the aging pro. Funny film in the same vein as Smokey and the bandit!

Aael G (de) wrote: The ending was so sad I cried