De Palma

De Palma

An intimate conversation between filmmakers, chronicling De Palma’s 55-year career, his life, and his filmmaking process, with revealing anecdotes and, of course, a wealth of film clips.

In the annals of Hollywood film since the artistic glories of the New Hollywood era, few have a better reputation and body of work in the field of suspense films exploring the contemporary darkness in American life than Brian De Palma. Here, the great film writer and director takes, us in his own words, through his professional life and a career that redefined film horror and suspense. All the while, he also confesses the challenges of working in Hollywood and the price even the great artists pay for being a part of it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sara E (fr) wrote: This movie is a very impressive story of how back street poverty can corrupt a lovely couple! I give this film 5 stars! Worth a watch definitely

Brian K (gb) wrote: a great biopic about a true legend. jessica lange is brilliant as patsy cline from every detail, even her lip-singing was perfect, it looked like she was actually singing, which is 1 of the hardest things to do. the only thing i wish they could have left out is seeing the plane crash. not something i wanted to see

Kevin R (ru) wrote: A Jew that was able to turn himself into a Negro or Indian was a triple threat.Leonard Zelig has a special talent where he is able to turn into anyone he comes in company with. If he is around Native Americans, he can turn into a Native American, same for other nationalities. Due to his internationally recognized talent, he gets to meet hundreds of famous individuals; however, due to lost memory due to some of his episodes, some chance meetings go better than others."The neighbors beat our family. The neighbors down the block beat our neighbors and our family."Woody Allen, director of Midnight in Paris, Manhattan, Alice, September, Small Time Crooks, Annie Hall, Match Point, Shadows and Fog, and The Purple Rose of Cairo, delivers Zelig. The storyline for this picture is interesting and reminded me very much of Forest Gump. The character and interactions were interesting as was the filming style. The cast delivers above average performances and includes Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, and Patrick Horgan as the narrator."The bull gives himself a brain concussion."I grabbed this off Netflix as another Allen movie I had never seen but was highly reviewed on both rottentomatoes and Netflix. I found the film interesting and well thought-out, I do wonder how much of the idea of Forest Gump came from this film (they were very similar). Overall, this is a nice addition to the genre, was a bit choppy in parts, but is definitely worth a viewing."Guilt related masturbation."Grade: B-

Patrick W (fr) wrote: Despite being made 3 years after the first one, the story begins literally within minutes of the end of the first film. Laurie is rushed to the hospital and Michael finds her and stalks her around the building. Definitely doesn't have the same "edge" as the first one, but still stands on its own 2 feet as a continuation of the first film. Still enjoyable and the writers seem to have a good time coming up with new ways of how Michael dispatches his victims. If you liked the first one, watch this one too as it should also be enjoyable for you.

Pavan R (gb) wrote: An ok western...nothing spectacular

Paul D (ag) wrote: This is certainly style over content. The homage to the genre is pretty good in terms of its look, but the zombie storyline is very average and the various bad acting is masked by the cult appeal.