De spooktrein

De spooktrein

A group of travelers find themselves stranded for the night at a deserted train station, which according to the old stationmaster, has been haunted for the last 20 years.

A group of travelers find themselves stranded for the night at a deserted train station, which according to the old stationmaster, has been haunted for the last 20 years. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen J (jp) wrote: Planes is Cars above ground, only not as good. The Cars universe was adorably unique and the characters were clever and quirky. Planes plays on the success of Cars but contributes little to their expanding world except for impressive visuals. Kids love it because it's simple and familiar and Disney loves it because of all the merchandising they are able to do. Adults will yawn and roll their eyes a bit, but ultimately the movie is made for the kids and the merchandising; it's doubly successful. B.

Andrew L (us) wrote: Prepare to be shocked, enlightened and entertained all at the same time. "Thank You For Smoking" takes a stab at everything that is "bad for you" and turns it into an incredibly witty, political satire film that stirs up controversy and laughs left and right.

Jeff F (us) wrote: A "Gangsta" rip-off of "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"

Heros K (ca) wrote: Gives a moral lesson that anyone in this world can be replaced even if you were a legend there are people out there that can replace you

Dave J (ru) wrote: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 (1995) First Knight HISTORICAL FICTION ACTION ADVENTURE I tried watching this, but I couldn't get into it, and was able to watch it on my second attempt after watching the 1950 film "Knights Of The Round Table" starring Robert Taylor. I mean, I don't mind seeing an alternate version of "King Arthur", but this movie is too pretentious and silly to be taken seriously, since it assumes viewers are already aware about the story, or in this case the characters. The story has been concocted to focus on the one-note romance between Lancelot(Richard Gere) and Guinevere(Julia Ormond). And that's not the only problem I had, I had a very hard time on the physical aspects too, such as accepting acting veteran Sean Connery as King Arthur who looks like he's old enough to be playing Guinevere's father, who's not much older than the person playing Guinevere's father as well. I mean, if viewers didn't know who Sean Connery was, and were to turn the sound completely off, it sometimes looked like Guinevere is making out with her sugar daddy, or another Hugh Hefner type of person so-to-speak who enjoys making out with younger women. In the movie, he said Guinevere was the first woman he ever fell in love with, but later on in the movie, viewers later find out that he's already been married 4 times prior to falling in love with Guinevere. In the 1950 version of "Knights Of The Round Table", Lancelot's main intention was to serve King Arthur, but in "First Knight", they end up meeting by chance-as in Lancelot completing the dangerous obstacle course without padding. Am I watching something from the 'family movie channel' or is it supposed to be a movie people pay money to watch. Some of the more corniest scenes has to be Lancelot himself, played by Richard Gere, which the movie portrays him as a person who lives in the forest, sort of like a bushman. He has no arrows but only a sword. He sleeps in the forest, like he needs no blanket probably except the clothes on his back, which his lifestyle is similar to Tarzan except that he has a horse. What kind of foolishness is this, 'King Arthur for dummies? I must have grimaced at least 3 or 4 times, since Lancelot's conceitedness is so cocky and fake, it's like it's intentioned for the simple minded. And the main villain is so stupid, it would've been all over had King Arthur pursued him in the first place, but it's like stall. And then stall again, because Lancelot knew where the main baddie's hideout was, but they just wait and wait and then wait, until he attacks first making the set up for the battle scenes one of the worst in movie history. It's like seeing the worst PG 13 rendition of "The Lord Of The Rings". It said that it's made in 1995, but it looks older, since it's a nothing but a higher budget of something Roger Cormon could've thought of, or Ed Wood. 1 star out of 4 stars

Robert R (mx) wrote: Jet Li, Tony Leung, Donnie Yen, and Maggie Cheung team up in Zhang Yimou's fancifully endearing tribute to the mythical kennels hidden within Chinese history. "Hero's" narrative might be hard to follow at times, but its beautifully choreographed fight scenes sure aren't. Yimou's brilliant use of color and stylized photography helps the audience sit back and enjoy this ride for what it is - pure entertainment.

Bill C (jp) wrote: I was only 17 when this came out. It's how I learned about Casablanca.. I'd followed Woody since What's Up Tiger Lily. There seems to be an hilarious version and a so-so version of the latter. I saw the hilarious one. Anyway, I tried to catch all his films. Sam is one of the first I saw after Lily. I'm giving it one more star than Casablanca. Linda had to go w/Dick in this one. Otherwise Allen couldn't have told her "If that plane leaves the ground, and you're not with him, you'll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life." At this moment Allen reaches self actualization. In Casablanca, it's obvious Ilsa had a girlish crush on Lazlo, but real passion for Rick. Sam has a better ending. And it's pre-Interiors, so it's funny.

Lorraine G (it) wrote: can you tell by now i`m a big fan???

Brianna B (es) wrote: worst movie ever created

Christopher B (es) wrote: Nice twist on the whodunit genre.

Randy Y (us) wrote: An interesting concept, I thought... but it had difficulties figuring out what kind of movie it wanted to be- started out a bit of a police drama, then tried to be a thriller, and decided to finish as an action. The pace was a bit slow, and the plot a little tedious at times. Also wasn't very slick.

Dillon L (fr) wrote: For me there are things to love & hate.What i hate is the country music,the grandma, and the monkey which served no purpose in the plot.But the things i liked are Clint eastwood (Who kicks a$$,as always),The relationship with Sondra Lockes character (It really surprised me) and the best thing of all.The biker gang which was ran by a bunch of absolute losers.the movie can be dull & boring at times.but i think its hilarious and all around entertaining.3-Stars!

Tracey c (br) wrote: 2010 horror film..I Love a good Zombie film..

Michael T (ag) wrote: This must hold some kind of record for number of lousy performances in one film.