De Wederopstanding van een Klootzak

De Wederopstanding van een Klootzak

A criminal starts questioning his violent way of life when he searches for the unknown assailant who almost shot him to death.

A criminal from Amsterdam barely surviving a liquidation. An old Frisian farmer bent on revenge. An illegal immigrant with uncertain prospects. Eventually, they meet under an ancient oak tree. Beyond the last town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


De Wederopstanding van een Klootzak torrent reviews

Dan R (jp) wrote: I am a huge fan of Anna Kendrick.Don't see this movie.Watch "Pitch Perfect" again instead.

Amasa G (ag) wrote: What the hell am I supposed to say about this movie? I don't even know how it was made. PT Anderson did it a did DDL (but who really doubted him?).

Jamie C (jp) wrote: Far from a terrible movie but nothing great too, The whole idea is old but hardly ever been done, Mathew McConaughey was very over the top, The action was ok but nothing new, I must admit the dragon effects look pretty good for its year, It's pretty fun for a quick watch but very forgettable.

THIS IS M (us) wrote: Happy Gimore is a Sad Story. Just Kidding, It's Hilarious. The Best Movie of Adam Sandler's career and quite possibly the funniest movie of all time. This movie also has the best fight ever created and has some pretty memorable deaths. Way Better than "Caddyshack", and more memorable characters . This movie is the definition of Awesomness.!

Stewart F (au) wrote: Not an unpleasant way to spend a couple of hours. Great cast. The film has some amusing bits, but, obviously, you feel this was originally a theatre play - although it's hard to see how they could have done it that differently without ruining the essence. The farce timing is very good - a Bogdanovich strength.

Jason C (fr) wrote: Holds up extremely well. Hilarious but also uncomfortably honest at times. Brooks shows here that he has genuine talent as a director, using long takes to draw out both the comedy and the agony of some scenes.

Aquiles V (fr) wrote: Entertaining and funny at times with some cool surrealistic moments. But overall, the message didnt connect with me, the ending was too abrupt and despite being only 45 minutes long, it was a bit too slow.

Rosario N (ru) wrote: Great film well done, and the acting beautiful, just love it!!!

Harry W (gb) wrote: Righteous Kill seems awesome on the surface because it has two of the three godfathers teamed up in a crime drama which sounds great on the surface.Regardless of its poor reception, I found myself warming to various qualities of it. There are problems, such as an inconsistent script and a menial plot with no real direction to it which wasn't particularly captivating. I mean, although it makes twists and turns along the way it does it so monotonously that I fail to even determine what essentially happened or how it occurred, leaving it bereft of a story. But whatever intentions the story had couldn't have been that good as the story is slow, dull and isn't interesting, and that's really the major flaw with Righteous Kill.But I found myself enjoying the presence of the two godfathers too much to hate Righteous Kill.Al Pacino and Robert De Niro are great to have as the lead actors in Righteous Kill, because their cinematic parts provide a great sense of nostalgia to Righteous Kill which makes it entertaining. Both Al Pacino and Robert De Niro hold their own on screen, even working with Jon Avnet's lacklustre direction to ensure their characters are strong, and the chemistry they share is impeccable because they provide a fun buddy cop feel to the story through their ability to communicate well and trade punchlines, making Righteous Kill compelling for the sake of their characters. And although the script isn't perfect as it has clunks along the way, they manage to work it to the benefit of their respective characters to provide a reason to find the story compelling, more or less.Donnie Whalberg was also good in his role, and Righteous Kill had a stylish look with good cinematography and editing held to its name.So Righteous Kill provides nostalgia to some viewers and boredom to others. I got both.