A family from Pampanga is made destitute by the aftermath of a volcanic eruption in the region. The wife decides to find work in the metropolis. She becomes an insurance agent by day and a nightclub guest relations officer by night. In exchange for sexual favors, she gets to sign up moneyed clients for million-peso policies.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:118 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Dead 1996 full movies, Dead torrents movie

Tina, a freshmen at Castle University, decides to enter a chat room on a "Goth" website. She accidentally angers a mad killer, is stalked and then brutally killed. A friend, Louise finds ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dead torrent reviews

Allison G (jp) wrote: I cannot say enough about the young actor ..he amazed me. It seems some of the dialogue must have come straight from the book..wonderful. Easy to see it is a novel written by a poet. I cant wait to read the book

Eric P (ru) wrote: Goddamn this was hard to watch, especially toward the end.

Giorgio P (jp) wrote: This movie is fearless and powerful. If you find it too hard to watch then dont watch it or use that as a criticism. This movie is suppose to be shocking. Its artistic not exploitative.

Black C (au) wrote: Got this movie by sheer chance. Was TOTALLY intrigued by the premise. Naturally was expecting a terrific intriguing mind bender. Can't say I loved it but didn't hate it either. It kept me glued....I wanted something magical to happen. There is an explanation and it is fairly plausible too. It just was not cinematic. There are some stories that are intriguing but ultimately dissatisfying. It's far better than the regular fantasies but it needed one solid idea atleast to elevate, evoke and make the premise work magically. Wasn't satisfied by the ending by the way.

John G (kr) wrote: Amazing film. Not in the same league as "le double vie de veronique" but it gave me some similar chills. Worth watching. Saw it on Netflix.

Tapani M (nl) wrote: One of the best films in the resume of Wes Craven. It didn't have those awkward campy scenes that are so usual in 80's low budget horror movies. Characters and the atmosphere were the best part of the whole film - and pretty girls in sheer accessories. Film also has a great poster!

Brian L (kr) wrote: Proabably good if I was living in my parents time that is. I have seen better ones more or less around that time in the 70s. Didnt find the gore and blood realistic. The acting was pretty unconvincing not to mention stiff.

Bruno L (kr) wrote: Not very good. One of Clark Gable's and Jeanette MacDonald's poorer performances. The script has weak points as well.

Hart E (ru) wrote: Visually spectacular, well acted (particularly from Kevin Spacey who gives the best on screen Luther to date), and action packed. Bryan Singers sequel/reboot is probably one of the most underrated superhero films I've seen.

Daniel R (es) wrote: It's basically "RoboCop" without the robot costume. A policeman becomes a vigilante and goes after dangerous criminals.

Gimly M (au) wrote: Gotta respect the classics, they're loads of fun, even if they do have arguably the worst acting in cinematic history.