Dead Girl on Film

Dead Girl on Film

Three friends decide to try to make S&M films but their distributor is unhappy with the product and drops them. Desperate for money, Max makes a deal to shoot a rare kind of film for a ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ghost,   cult film,   gore,  

Three friends decide to try to make S&M films but their distributor is unhappy with the product and drops them. Desperate for money, Max makes a deal to shoot a rare kind of film for a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Colin S (ca) wrote: An interesting if sometimes disturbing watch. The conspiracy element doesn't land so well but the life lessons from the discoveries certainly do. It seems like an even more uncomfortable truth.

Blake B (fr) wrote: The intimate camera angles, the non-existent score, and the raw, emotional acting make Two Days, One Night a documentary-like emotional roller coaster. Marion Cotillard delivers a heartbreaking, award worthy performance of a desperate wife and mother trying to save her job. A gripping French tale.

Filippo V (au) wrote: Con Chronicle il tema gi visto e rivisto dei ragazzi normali con super poteri viene rivisitato in modo alternativo. La tecnica di ripresa particolare conferisce al film un realismo generale che coinvolge e diverte allo stesso tempo. Gli effetti speciali sono buoni, anche se in alcune scene in particolare sono piuttosto scadenti. Comunque con un budget cos limitato il risultato a mio parere non poteva essere migliore di questo.

Dre M (mx) wrote: funnier than i expected.

Tiffany M (ru) wrote: I couldn't even watch 30 minutes of this movie. It is so corny and not funny at all.

Aleks C (us) wrote: Another tasteless movie.

Loreno v (nl) wrote: "A gripping comedy about letting go."David O. Russell burst onto the scene with this challenging and controversial film about an introverted college student and the incestuous disaster of a summer that follows his freshman year.REVIEWThere is something hypnotic about Spanking The Monkey. You watch Jeremy Davies as his summer goes straight downhill and he is stuck taking care of his manic depressive mother, and you are intrigued. That is if you have a good attention span and a tolerance for dark humor. Because this is ink-black humor at its smirkiest. So you are either in for an enjoyably bizarre ride of the demented fashion or you are about to be majorly turned off. In many ways, this is like The Graduate, except this indie devil wants to blow away the dated shock of having an affair with a married, older woman with an even more shocking and rather disturbing taboo. David O. Russell, who has a bizarre and neurotic look at family life (see his Flirting With Disaster, an even better film), gives us an interesting character study of a tormented college student who is virtually nailed to the ground by his dysfunctional parents. I can see why some people may hate this movie from its difficult subject matter, but I feel like I was sucked in this guy's life and that's what I love about movies that have the power to do that. Yet, as the film grew darker and sadder, with a bittersweet ending that felt like a high note of hope compared to the rest of the film, I was relieved when the ending credits came and I could return from the trance and go back to my decidedly happier lifestyle.

Mitch l (es) wrote: Jim Carrey plays a pet detective hired to find the Miami Dolphins mascot. While not the best comedy out there it has some laughs and stupid humor.

Stephen L (es) wrote: What was once a disguised metaphor for communism in the McCarthy era now works just as well as a metaphor for terrorism in post 9/11 America and illegal immigration. The townspeople's fear of modernity that Emma taps into is the same xenophobic paranoia that have face humanity forever. Critics at the time did not see the importance of this film but anybody who knows what a great movie is can see this is an incredibly intelligent, progressive and wonderful film.

Greg W (ag) wrote: WB's way of making gangster pics after getting flack and censors.

Jack S (it) wrote: Soooooooooooo corny, laughed the whole time! And this was when I was the perfect age for this schlock.