Dead in France

Dead in France

A socially-challenged hitman's French retirement is ruined by the dodgy Brits on the Cote d'Azur.

A socially-challenged hitman's French retirement is ruined by the dodgy Brits on the Cote d'Azur. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erin O (ca) wrote: I'm not surprised by the mixed critical reception, but personally, I found it very intriguing.

Jason B (es) wrote: Some of the premise is not explained at all. They hint at using the science of romance hormones like oxytocin to match people but, for some, the question of how the future is being predicted and cannot be affected by your choices will loom over your head for the entire movie. And you may even want the plot to overturn that premise, and be excited for that to happen. But it doesn't. This inexplicable device is beyond reproach, and being human is simply not encouraged by the story. It's a shame, because until it fell apart at the end, I enjoyed some of the character building and budding romance, and had hope that I could enjoy the movie enough on those items alone.

Maurcio V (nl) wrote: A narrativa pouco 'convencional', a criatividade do texto e o timo desempenho da dupla de atores so atributos marcantes que fazem de Cpia Fiel um filme ousado e admirvel, mesmo que enfadonho em alguns momentos.

Demetri E (nl) wrote: One of the most beloved films that I had growing up. I wonder if I was crazy or the film was just what I needed, but it was funny, and spirit lifting, and just a bit of sex in it, and such... One of the best things for a pubertate boy to see. Also, friends and friendship. And adventures. And Europe, even if it all was Prague all along. Even US and Bratislava were Prague. That is awesome.

Chantal L (fr) wrote: Amazing ! Great storyline ! The only downfall is the extremely embarrassing "rap" performed by Shatner at the end.

Sheppard S (fr) wrote: Raquel could wear those short skirts well. Think she was in her mid 20's in this movie. Some what 'tounge in cheek' bit fun and, at times, gripping

Valerie G (ca) wrote: "What a dump!" i've been trying to find this one for ages!!!! But still no luck. ;(

Augustine H (fr) wrote: 9 Oscars including Best Picture? This hypnosis is surely the shittiest joke the voting crews have ever played on us.

Matt M (br) wrote: A filthy rich man's relatives constantly fight fiercely with each other to see who should inherit their uncle's fortunes. But when a young 'nurse' comes into play, they come up with a plan to impress him; bring back his favourite nephew, who seems to be the only good hearted man in the family. Dull comedy that is only lightly entertaining a times, and that is at best. It's also cold and a slow starter.

Grayson D (mx) wrote: Atmospheric horror inspired by Jane Ayre.