Dead Man Down

Dead Man Down

In New York City, a crime lord's right-hand man is seduced by a woman seeking retribution.

“ Dead Man Down” is the story of Victor who himself againsts the whole criminal world in New York for the purpose of finding out the old boss has caused death of his wife and daughter. On the way, he meets another victim as Beatrice who has the same target like him. They cooperate and attempt to restore justice and righteousness. But whether they can reach the boss? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee H (es) wrote: The Millenial's shot at "The Big Chill" just add the internet, post apocalyptic back drop, and instead of the lead having a growing business he sold his growing business. Well acted, fairly directed, but still misses the mark as privileged kids turned adults make their personal struggles the center of the known universe... literally. A product of "every child is a unique snowflake" parenting this movie gets mired down in the muck of its own self importance.

Javier S (ca) wrote: Si eres fan de los wuxia films este es una divertida experiencia, si no lo eres es hora que te familiarices con el genero de los heroes tragicos de las artes marcialesEs ademas un filme con una excelente cinematografia y unas divertidas con interesante accion

Paula D (nl) wrote: Puedo ver todo tipo de peliculas, pero si hay algo que odio son las baratas, y no me refiero al presupuesto, sino a los q se hacen llamar "actores" pero oo q menos hacen es eso, las malas historias y guiones pobresimos, como esta! De lo peor q vi en mucho tiempo

Jake G (ca) wrote: My all time favorite

Thomas D (kr) wrote: Star Trek has always been about the great adventures of the Starship Enterprise, but I think as this film quite clearly addresses, it's also about two unlikely friends, who are always there for each other even in the most dangerous of times. The Search for Spock does for Spock what Episode 7 did for Luke Skywalker. It's the search for Spock but it's also the search for Kirk's soul as the guilt of Spock's death weighs over him throughout the film. The whole film we are impatiently waiting for the inevitable, but luckily, the rest of the story is interesting enough to delay the revelations for just the right amount of time to give us the satisfaction we wanted.Leonard Nimoy directs and rightfully so, as it's largely his story, even without a ton of screen time. The story follows the Enterprise team journey to go back to Genesis, the planet created in the last film, to find and hopefully revive Spock. I think what I and most people will appreciate most about this entry in the long running franchise is the sense of togetherness that the previous two were missing. There is an emotional backbone to the team that perhaps even Wrath of Khan was missing.Of course, there are the inevitable villains who show and try to ruin the mission, this time led by Commander Kruge, played by Christopher Lloyd. All of the questionable campy elements to the villains are back and you never truly get a sense of where these people come from and why they are doing it. To be fair, it would be difficult for any villain to follow up Khan.The pacing is once again improved as it moves even faster than Wrath of Khan. James Horner is also back from the previous installment to keep us humming that glorious Star Trek theme even after the movie is done. Horner's music proves to be just as important to the emotionally layered moments as it was for the previous entry. With that said, I can't help but think this film is hindered by its tonal issues. We go from having a deeply emotional moment to a campy scene of Kruge doing weird things to slimy worm-like creatures.So in what is one of the darker entries to the Star Trek series, there's plenty to like. Kirk goes to some dark places that I'm not sure we really get to see in other films. We also get a satisfying conclusion to some of the cliffhangers the previous film left up for question. With the exception of tonal issues, and some distracting set pieces, The Search for Spock is a solid installment for the franchise.+Satisfying conclusion to the Genesis storyline+Emotional arc for the entire team+Gutsy plot points-Tonal issues-Some rough set pieces7.0/10

Hayden L (au) wrote: A classic monster movie. many have misjudged its power the special effects as always in O'Brian's films are masterful.

Alex S (br) wrote: Treads familiar ground, but Adventureland has enough originality and stand-out characters to rise above the average coming-of-age story.

Joules L (gb) wrote: Good... quirky... funny!

Charlie T (au) wrote: I liked the dancing. The movie was a little too long. It got boring. I love twitch! Overall, eh

Eric H (br) wrote: Wow. Its been a long time since a movie got to me, and this one got to me. The climax to ending is just so raw and real. And Richard Harris's performance is amazing. The rugby scenes have a great feel to them as well. Just something about this movie moved me. Which is rare and special for me.

Sean W (us) wrote: Classic (and by the numbers) Disney fun that works thanks to the great casting of Disney fav Dean Jones and Peter Ustinov.It has all the usual things. A guy (Jones) who gets in trouble for what other people do, and everyone thinks he's nuts. There is a zany scene involving a police officer, a jerk that doesn't like our main character at all and tries to get in his way, a villain that is so clean cut but practically curls his mustache between his fingers, college kids that wouldn't think of drinking, doing drugs or having sex, old ladies about to lose their home and need money by a certain date, and a wacky scene involving wild sporting stunts where underdog athletes are aided in winning in very unorthodox ways.Not a great movie, but a fun one.