Dead Man Drinking

Dead Man Drinking

A discussion by friends with long-winded histories and a love of drinking results in four of them running off to house-sit for a long weekend while playing Killer, a schoolyard game where each player has to "take out" targets over a period of time using everything from water pistols to bits of cardboard with "sword" written on them. As the game progresses and frustrations rise, sexual tensions surface and it's obvious that with the possibility of only one winner, some people will do anything for victory. Dead Man Drinking is a full-length independent feature-film released for free under a creative commons 3.0 license.

A discussion had by five friends results in four of them running off to house-sit for a long weekend while playing the game Killer, a schoolyard game where each player has to 'take out' ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Moe R (es) wrote: It's obviously not meant to be taken serious, but I find people take films a little too seriously sometimes.On the other hand, this is definitely a cult classic!

Megan H (it) wrote: I love documentaries... and I'm all about ecofriendliness so I thought I'd enjoy this doc... but OMG so dry. First 2 minutes and I was bored. Granted during the next 20-30min I was able to stay awake by looking at the pretty pictures. But after 30 min I HAD! to lie down and obviously fell asleep. Missed the entire movie... The idea was interesting but spice it up a bit... pleaSE!

Yonatan H (es) wrote: A very touching movie. This isn't very apparent from the beginning, especially since this is not a mainstream movie. But it really carried me away starting from some point.

Terry L (jp) wrote: Just for fun. For a retired that kind of life. I'm looking forward to.

Whitney K (ag) wrote: I like how this movie was different than most movies I've seen. It could have been better, but it's still good. I'd watch it again.

Russell H (au) wrote: Better than the first only because the hip hop soundtrack and Norman Reedus earn it the extra half star.

Alexander C (au) wrote: Standard film, mediocre, nothing further, worth one watch or two.

Ian M (jp) wrote: So slow I wanted it to be over before the opening credits were finished. A great story and decent acting spoiled by horrible paving!

Ben S (fr) wrote: Don't piss off Richard Harris. Noted. Nice jumping around in time helps move an otherwise slow story.

Stephanie B (gb) wrote: I really liked the movie.

Daniel J (fr) wrote: Honestly, even though it had some funny moments, the overall movie was okay.