Dead Man's Cards

Dead Man's Cards

Ex Boxer Tom is on the ropes, when a chance encounter at the gym leads to the offer of work as a doorman at a run down nightclub. The volatile head doorman Paul, is a battle hardened veteran from the old school. Recognising Tom for the fighter that he once was, Paul takes him under his wing, and guides him through the ins and outs of life as a club land "peacekeeper."

In an after-hours world of pug-faced scouse smack addicts and street fights, James McMartin and his mentor Paul Barber are privy to a doorman's-eye-view of a life most of us only glimpse... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (jp) wrote: Survival in a world without electricity, but the setting is already remote and away from society so you don't expect it to be as arduous as a city setting anyhow. There's no real ending to the film either.

Himanshu G (ag) wrote: Hilarious movie. Sanjay mishra is a brilliant comedian. The story is smart and interesting. Rajat Kapoor is great as usual along with the actor who played the character of "Anni".

Irena A (jp) wrote: beautiful, intelligent, sad, funny

Geoff H (it) wrote: Watched this with my 9 year old son as he loves the Professor Layton games and i love Anime. We both found it very boring, slow paced, and just plain dull. :(

Robert R (kr) wrote: This rotten remake of Shakespeares amazing work should be used to fill landfills everywhere.

lyndsey w (ag) wrote: u like fantasy? u'll love this

Nathaniel R (gb) wrote: For a movie that's 56 years old and relies solely on classical music, Fantasia is still an entertaining spectacle for both eyes and ears. Though it's definitely not for everyone, the animations are stunning and diverse through its many sections and leave viewers interested. The movie could have done without the pointless "Meet the Soundtrack" section and the Dance of the Hours segment left a little to be desired, but for the most part the animators created some gorgeous work and included some classic scenes like Mickey's first film appearance in The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Jackie S (au) wrote: very monotonous narration. i'm not impressed by manson, having worked in a public aid psychiatric facility - i've seen far more interesting people... his mind is rather wild - i do like to listen to him ramble...

Jason D (jp) wrote: C-grade movie director (Breakin' 2...need I say more) Sam Firstenberg got his big break directing this moronic ninja film about a ninja (the great Sho Kosugi, who just showed up in an awesome role in Ninja Assassin), whose entire family is slaughtered by other ninjas, save for his infant child. His American friend (Arthur Roberts) urges him to move to America and make lots of money showing off his cultured Japanese art. Some years later, Kosugi and his son (Kane Kosugi) are living the American dream, while also dispensing a little martial arts here and there. It turns out, Roberts is using the art to smuggle drugs for the local mafia, who try to screw him over, sending Roberts into a murdering frenzy, dressed like a ninja. Before long, Kosugi must take down the mafia, his former friend, and a ton of henchmen in this over-the-top, very silly ninja action film. Ninjas, child violence, titties, robotic ninja body parts, mafia subplot, Native American henchmen with inexplicably hidden hatchets, lots of death...what's not to love about this film? If you can get past the awful acting, you may enjoy this bit of exploitation fun. Super hot blonde babe Ashley Ferrare makes her film debut in this one, but only unleashes the titties briefly. It's a damn shame she only did this and one other movie in her career. Incredibly hokey American interpretation of ninja cinema, but fun nonetheless. Next time, let the professionals handle it!

RetroMagFan (jp) wrote: Sid James and the rest of the Carry On team take off for the holidays.One of the funniest of the Carry On films featuring the famous "Bikini Fling" scene.

Rick K (au) wrote: An excellent Cold War Techno-Thriller (submarines, helicopters, Ice Stations, spy satellites, military jets, booby traps--all the good stuff!) plus solid acting. Some of the special effects, especially at the end are weak, but the submarine work, both interior and exterior shots, is outstanding. McGoohan, as usual was fabulous, Hudson was good, even Jim Brown was solid. Borgnine, one of my favorite actors, was only OK in this role as a double agent. Tense, thrilling and fun! Truthfully, I can't point to another movie of this cold war techno-thriller type that is any better. So ignore the critics and see this movie when you get a chance, Ideally uncut in it's original two-part format.

Tracy C (it) wrote: My favorite of the THIN MAN movies.

Cinema F (kr) wrote: Almost no one remembers the film today. Still, it's noteworthy to be reminded that sometimes, yesterday's news is worth looking at again. Cavalcade tells the "Upstairs/Downstairs"-style story of two British families across the years from December 31, 1899 to December 31, 1932. The "Upstairs" clan members are the Marryots: father Sir Robert (Clive Brook), mother Lady Jane (Diana Wynyard), and sons Edward (John Warburton) and Joe (Frank Lawton). The "Downstairs" family consists of manservant Alfred Bridges (Herbert Mundin), his wife, maid Ellen (Una O'Connor), and their daughter, Fanny (Ursula Jeans). It is a tale of joy and woe, chiefly concerned with the experiences of Robert Marryot and his wife, Jane, and embracing what happens to their children and their servants. As the movie opens, both Robert and Alfred are preparing to fight in the Second Boer war. Both distinguish themselves in combat. Upon their return, Robert is knighted and Alfred is able to leave service and set himself up as the owner and operator of a London pub. Albeit there are simply too many characters to keep track, yet just give a film a chance by watching it more than once is the way to go. And while there's a certain reactionary quality to some of the film's material, the movie's overriding thrust is very effectively anti-war. The story is more concerned with the potential of death than it is with actual tragedy - how those left behind live in a constant state of anxiety, never knowing if their loved one is going to appear on a casualty list. (One of the most moving scenes occurs when Jane and Ellen go to a central location to read the names of the latest dead and wounded soldiers.) The movie also touches upon the common theme of how wasteful and irrational war is - it is referred to as a way for men to earn their stripes and for nations to flex their muscles. Inasmuch as modern audiences have often found the film stilted and overacted, one critic reckons that when seen today, Cavalcade is best viewed from a historical perspective.

Paxton A (es) wrote: Not many movies begin with the implicit question "How much must I hate myself today?" The answer to that question is A Haunted House.