Dead Man's Curve

Dead Man's Curve

Two roommates plan to kill a third to take advantage of college policy giving a 4.0 grade to a suicide's roommates.

Two college students kill their roommate and make it look like a suicide. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alessandro B (jp) wrote: Halfway between a horror b-movie and a poor and boring dramedy, both taken too seriously, this could have been a great and funny flick...but it's not. Great idea though, that still makes the whole thing interesting...

Kris V (it) wrote: after great brother collaborations (pang, coen,) we have a promising sister collaboration.The movie is very low budget and still rough around the edges. They don't have the talent of the coen brothers to produce great shots but this movie moves along at a good speed. It gets absurd at times and the characters that turn up hints at some adoration to David Lynch's movies. Dialogue has some hal hartley in it. They have yet to make it there own but there is plenty of interest in their capabilities and if it is well nurtured we will be enjoying their movies for years to come

Kitty C (au) wrote: I found this movie to be so sad!! I will say it is a powerful emotional movie and so different type of tale but also just not my taste.

Charmed F (de) wrote: I was dissapointed. I thought this was going to be a very great movie and I go totally confused.

Jamey B (us) wrote: A good movie. A bit hard to follow the fast moving plot. Sometimes unfunny. But still a fun movie

Don S (jp) wrote: Another romance where the leading man is a liar and a cheater at his profession. Must be true that leading ladies like bad boys. This is a simple story of love in a New England town which has a large Portuguese population. Sofia Milos reminded me so much of Madonna in her "La Isla Bonita" days. Jason Isaacs has a way about him that got on my nerves. Emmy Rossum was the factor that made this movie bearable. She broke up the somewhat tediously subdued "passionada" of the other two characters. Her devil-may-care attitude was refreshing and is the only spark in this movie. You wrote this on 10/8/08.

Carlton J (es) wrote: funny brings back memories!!!

Jill (kr) wrote: I've seen bits and pieces of this but I'd love to see the whole movie..

Donegal H (br) wrote: I just watched a clip from this and it looks amazing!

Adil S (au) wrote: This movie was hilarious but also very dramatic in typical Bollywood fashion. I'd recommend it for Amitabh's great lines, a few interestingly funny songs, and a lot of fun.

FilmGrinder S (kr) wrote: It was intense to me as a young booger. Total dug Disney's 70's movies.

Alex S (gb) wrote: The musical of "Ninotchka" worked very well. The story is pretty much the same, but much more light-hearted and with amazing dance routines. All in all a good movie that holds its own.