Dead of the Nite

Dead of the Nite

When a group of ghost hunters investigate the infamous Jericho Manor, they soon realise it's not just ghosts that go bump in the night! As people get murdered, the survivors need to discover who or what's killing them before it's too late.

When a group of ghost hunters investigate the infamous Jericho Manor, they soon realise it's not just ghosts that go bump in the night! As people get murdered, the survivors need to discover who or what's killing them before it's too late. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jaymes P (ca) wrote: "The Houses October Built" has an absolutely terrifying premise. It raises the question "How far will people go to get a scare?" Anyone who visits haunted houses, or "haunts", has that question in the back of their mind. Especially when it comes to the "Extreme Haunts" that have become a nationwide trend. The film also implies the "found footage" videography very well and the acting is just good enough to be believable. Which, in my opinion, is what you need in order to make a found footage film feel authentic. However, even with these strengths the film falls short on delivering what we expect from a good horror film. It follows the formula of building suspense without ever delivering the pay off. If you are looking for "jumps" they are few. Gore? Very little. However, if you have a fear of people dressed up as clowns you may find this movie horrifying. But other than that, it is just unable to deliver the scares we are hoping for. While it is a far cry from the absolute nothing we see in "The Blair Witch Project" "The Houses October Built" still leaves you looking for something more.

Kevin R (au) wrote: You should feel special.A small town has a history of missing persons that the teenagers often laugh off and don't take seriously. Two friends driving along get a flat tire, get out to change it, and wake up tied up in a barn. They find themselves in the hands of a delusional family that intends to kill them in some sort of annual ritual. Can the girls escape before the plan is executed?"Why are you doing this?""Tradition."Padraig Reynolds, director of the upcoming Worry Dolls, delivers Rites of Spring in his directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is okay but fairly straightforward for the genre. This felt like a poor man's Jeeper's Creepers in the way it was executed. The acting was just okay and the cast includes AJ Bowen, James Bartz, Anessa Ramsey, and Katherine Randolph."It's the family way."I came across this on Netflix, liked how they did the cover art, and decided to give this a shot. This was very average and had some unique elements that had potential, but nothing that separated it in the genre. I only recommend this to diehard fans of the horror genre."You should feel special."Grade: C

scott g (de) wrote: Using the july 2005 london bus bomb as a story device, a mother brilliantly played by brenda blethyn, travels to london from her home in france when she sees shocking events on tv, and unable to make contact with daughter. once there she is determined to find her whereabouts and in to story comes the father of the boyfriend shes seeing. together and on her behalf reluctantly team to find them both. a film with a emotion running through it, and a interesting charactor for blethyn, part of her story being not being able to understand the relationship her daughter had started while in london, a big fact being his muslim heritage. the film plays well, and using current events to move story along a interesting and relevent watch.

David U (au) wrote: The cast is great, the movie isn't.

Adam R (ca) wrote: Although it engages the viewer, Mean Creek is an uncomfortable movie to watch and it doesn't quite sit right with you when it is all over. (First and only viewing - 9/8/2009)

Jared L (fr) wrote: A very interesting documentary about the love of books, specifically, a book that practically no one has ever read.

Zach M (ru) wrote: This a fun Disney movie about a kid who can throw better than a pro.Gary Busey was decent and Daniel Stern chewed it up and directed.

Christopher K (fr) wrote: For me, this is the most entertaining movie since the original. Yes, the acting is questionable, and some of the effects are sub-par, but it's still somewhat engaging. There's actually an attempt here to do something different. Whereas the second film was a rehash of the first, and the third plummeted into complete fantasy, this installment at least throws in a plot twist and a mention of a relevant issue. However, bodies piling up is the name of the game so try not to think too deeply as the blood spatters your screen.

Nick M (mx) wrote: Troma is the crown prince of cinematic trash, thus is why I love it so. And this is a charmingly awful crapfest that is horrifically disjointed with its mostly aimless narrative. But I shouldn't complain, got exactly what I was expecting.

Eduardo S (ru) wrote: muy buena pelcula! me encanto la relacin entre el protagonista y la nia

Jack P (ca) wrote: A classic james bond film, with a very convincing villain. Spectre is at it again which leaves bond to try and stop them. An outstanding scuba finale steals the show.

Jayden C (kr) wrote: kool as i want 2 see dis. i want 2 see every movie in da wole wide world of course im a movie lover

Robert I (br) wrote: A really terrible movie that should've stayed unreleased. Paul Schrader just isn't a good filmmaker. Visually flat, not scary, dull, and lifeless.

Greg W (it) wrote: "el mariachi" + 'desperado"+'no country for old men"= this one

Daniel A (it) wrote: NOT A MOVIE TO WATCH