Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter

A fledgling actress is lured to a remote mansion for a screen-test, soon discovering she is actually a prisoner in the middle of a blackmail plot.

The film follows Katie McGovern, a struggling actress who is going to attend an audition to be selected for a short upcoming film. She is driven to a remote mansion for the screen-test, and it's not long until Katie realizes she is in danger. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vineeta S (au) wrote: Like Khuda ke Liye from across the border, this film reinforces the need for assertive action from moderates to counter fundamentalism, be that of Taliban or Bajrang Dal flavour. An almost perfect film both from a storytelling and cinematographic standpoint, this one deserves a wider platform and a bigger eyeball share.

Alyce A (fr) wrote: A truly inspiring movie and book.

katsist (it) wrote: When it comes to video game movies this is a good one. This is a faithful adaptation. Sean Bean was not very good, surprisingly. The best video game movie ever.

Eye o (mx) wrote: This movie was sad in some scenes, but beautifully directed.

Joshua M (kr) wrote: this movie made me feel like I was losing my mind.

Enrique S F (ru) wrote: Amores Perros is perfect, a cult hit incredible and visually spectacular and with a history and a few characters very well developed, the masterpiece that gave the world recognition to Alejandro Gonzlez Irritu is perfect, unique and original. It is like Pulp Fiction, but in Mexico.Review en Espaol:Amores Perros es perfecta, una obra de culto increble y visualmente espectacular y con una historia y unos personajes muy bien desarrollados, la obra maestra que le dio el reconocimiento mundial a Alejandro Gonzalez Iarritu es perfecta, nica y original. Es como Pulp Fiction, pero en Mxico.

Juliana H (fr) wrote: It stays fresh in my memory that my deskmate spilt the book and burst into tears while finishing the novel.I really don't understand why it has been a banned film for years.For revealing too much?Yet people don't need fake hormony at all.

Michelle G (jp) wrote: Fabulous movie and fabulous score!!! One of my longtime favorites :)

Andy H (au) wrote: Definitely worth tracking down.

Bill B (de) wrote: This was one of the first movies that I found after seeing Jet Li in American cinema, and I have to say that this series is quite wonderful, Li is at the top of his game and masterfully directed by Tsui Hark.Recommended.

Janne S (ca) wrote: Cringeworthy lines, bad acting, terribly unsuited score (sounds like they've used the leftover bits from Chariots of Fire). Only worthy of watching if you're interested in seeing Tanya Roberts in the buff.

Jim M (ru) wrote: Very underrated...hard to find but worth it!

Cutter G (jp) wrote: It's a nice time capsule for Los Angeles, but I didn't get it.

Jenna I (kr) wrote: A well acted movie with a flat, overly straight forward script- I should have known it was the same guy who wrote the stinker that was Drive. You never quite understand what Rydal's motivation to engage and then help these people is, even if Oscar Isaac is compelling enough for you to care about his wellbeing. It looks nice, the dynamic between the group keeps you watching, but there's no mystery, no suspense and no real motivation for anybody but Chester, so in the end you just kind of shrug and enjoy what you can.

Shiela E (ag) wrote: I only saw this because it was woody allen's first movie. was disappointed overall. peter sellers had some moments, and there were a few flashes of the typical, surreal, allen wit in the screenplay, but it was disjointed, all over the place, and in most places as shallow as the plot itself. I had no empathy or connection at all to a guy whose only real "problem" was that he was too busy screwing every girl he met to appreciate his loyal, pretty fiance. NOBODY in this movie appreciated the person they were with. all of them "loved" people who were in love with someone else, couldn't be faithful to them, or both. at the very least, they were all SLEEPING with someone else. and judging by how quickly woody's character seemed to forget the girl he loved (who was in love with the guy who was screwing every girl in paris)so he could get laid the "love" in this film was very fickle and shallow indeed. but then that is a recurring theme in the films of the man who once said, "love fades." in woody's films, love often DOES fade, and his characters, much like their real-life counterparts, usually wonder if the grass is greener somewhere else. but in his later, more mature films, at least the love is genunine to begin with. it might fade, but at the beginning it was real, and his characters didn't start out looking for a superficial and ultimately unsatisfying fling. they really were looking for an honest, deep connection. in this one, it seemed the only "connection" any of the people here were looking for was sex with as many partners as possible. no wonder none of them were happy with what they had. anybody as shallow as these characters were wouldn't be happy. as evidenced by peter o'tool's calling every single female in the film pussycat, it was obvious that he didn't really look at women as individuals. they were interchangeable body parts to screw, entirely indistinguishable from one another, and he was monumentally bored with them outside of bed. it is unclear whether or not his relationship with his fiance was any better. but enough. unless you are a real woody or peter seller's fan, you can pretty much skip this.